9 things that are worse than cheating in a relationship

There are some things more damaging to your relationship than cheating. Read on to know if these silent killers are ruining the bond between you and your partner.
9 things that are worse than cheating in a relationship
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Have you ever felt your relationship is lacking despite your partner being loyal? It’s true that every relationship is built upon trust, mutual understanding, loyalty and love, and if one of these things is missing it can annihilate any relationship. Many people face difficulties in a relationship, but some things ruin it completely. For many, discovering that your partner is having an affair is the point of no return. While this might be something that is out in the open, there are some silent killers that can ruin your relationship. 

These acts have the power to ruin your relationship just as cheating does, if not more. It can cause damage to the strongest of relationships and are often classified as worse than cheating. They might seem insignificant but when they build up, they blow up in your face and prove dangerous for your relationship. 

Here are the things that are worse than cheating in a relationship. 

Lying to your partner 

Lying to or hiding things from your partner is a sure-shot way to ruin your relationship. Even if you’re doing it to protect them, keeping little things from the person you love can grow into huge problems and cause trust issues. 

Withholding attention 

Withholding your attention from your partner is another thing that will crush the bond you built over the year. If it is intentional, then you need to stop it right now. However, sometimes people don’t even realize it. Even if it is not intentional, try to figure it out before your relationship comes crumbling down. 


Do you find it difficult to trust your spouse or unable to express your needs? If this rings a bell, then you might be feeling resentment towards your partner. Resentment can come easily in a relationship and might ruin it even before you realise it. It starts quiet, which is why you need to address it in the initial stage. 

Acting condescending towards each other 

Talking down your partner is the last thing you should do if you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It is worse than cheating because it not only damages your relationship but ruins your partner’s self-esteem. 

Only focusing on physical intimacy 

Physical intimacy is important for a relationship, but emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy is also important in a relationship. You might be the most loyal partner, but if you don’t connect with each other and share these intimacies, then its only time before it ends. 

Staying together because you’ve become co-dependent

Being alone can be scary if you have been your partner for the longest time. But that should not be the only reason to be in a relationship. Being co-dependent is not good for you or your partner. 

Lack of communication

Not being able to share things with your partner is a silent killer that will affect your relationship in the worst way possible. All these things build up over time and become unmanageable, which makes it so damaging. Try to fix it as soon as you can to avoid problems. 


A relationship is not a game where you need to manipulate your partner to go ahead in it. It is about treating each other as equals. It is the foundation of a healthy and loving relationship. Manipulation, in any form, can leave a person broken, lose self-confidence and cause more damage than you can imagine. 

Refusing to compromise 

Compromise doesn’t mean giving up on your individuality, it is about willingly making certain changes in your life that go a long way in a relationship. When you love someone, willingness to compromise comes naturally to you. If you can’t make peace with this, then you might want to end the relationship before things take a turn for the worst. 

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Anonymous 6 months ago

Wow, nothing is worse then cheating. Pls don't give foolish reasons.

Anonymous 6 months ago

I have never been cheated on by my partner but the condescending things and emotional torture has left me more bruised and resulted in long term damage that I can't get over after so many months. I am not justifying cheating, just saying.