ALL the rom coms you need to watch on Valentine’s day based on your zodiac sign

Updated on Feb 01, 2020 04:17 AM IST  |  758.7K
All the rom coms you need to watch on Valentine’s day based on your zodiac sign
All the rom coms you need to watch on Valentine’s day based on your zodiac sign

It is that time of the year when love is in the air. However, each year it gets very difficult to decide what to do on the day of love. Valentine’s day is that one day when partners, lovers and soulmates make sure to come together and celebrate their love. While it is all about that lovely feeling, it definitely gets annoying when you are fighting for reservations in your favourite restaurants. While this is the case, one of the best things to do on Valentines is to celebrate your love without any disturbances. So, here’s the best thing you can do - cosy up with a partner and watch the best romantic movie you can see. Grab some popcorn or even chocolate-dipped strawberries and catch up on the most iconic rom coms. Now, if you and your partner are confused as to which movie to choose, we have got you covered and yes they are in regards to your zodiac signs. 

ARIES: Splash


Aries, we know you love passion and love that goes beyond bounds. So, splash is the movie for you. Who does not like a mermaid wanting to turn into a human just for the love of her life?

TAURUS: Crazy Rich Asians


Taurus, your fancy self loves to love but not unless it involves a little drama. Now, it just keeps getting better when it is mixed with glamour, fashion and the guy who fights the world for his love. 

GEMINI: Bridget Jones’ Diary


Gemini, you are witty and knowing you, you’d love good British banter. Not just that, considering that you are true to your roots, you are very romantic at heart which is why this is the perfect movie for you.

CANCER: The Big Sick


Cancer, you are a very emotional person so you love a good movie with all things - love, happiness, crying and a solid climax. So, this family drama is the perfect movie for you.

LEO: Pretty Woman


Leos, as much as you like to be the king of the jungle, you love the idea of being swept off your feet. Now, who does not like seeing a rich smashing tycoon melt for a ‘pretty woman’ who is totally different from him. 

VIRGO: 10 Things I Hate About You


This movie is very apt for the very moody Virgo. We know you are a hopeless romantic but try to mask it off with your ever so perfect personality. So, this rom-com is pure heart with an edgy twist of dark comedy. We know you’d love it.

LIBRA: Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Libra is all about romance and partnership which is why the idea of a breakup scares them. But, you will definitely love this movie where the hilarious plot of a breakup turns into healing and finding.

SCORPIO: Notting Hill


Scorpio, you are all about that intensity which s why this movie is perfect for you. Overwhelmingly deep romance with a kick of comedy makes it perfect for Valentines. 

SAGITTARIUS: My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Now, we know that you love good laughter and what could be funnier than two very different cultures uniting? This movie is right up your alley and will instantly light up the day of love.

CAPRICORN: 27 Dresses


Capricorns love a good wedding and 27 Dresses is one of the best movies you can see when it comes to everything a bridesmaid feels and ways she gets her dreams to come true.

AQUARIUS: Love Actually


Aquarius, you love love which is why this movie is tailor-made for you. It shows that you can find love in as many shapes and form and you will love the fact that each of them expresses it in a different way.

PISCES: 13 Going on 30


Just like the love you like all things that have magic. A little bit of enchantment with a quirky twist is what will easily make your Valentines day special.


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