Anxiety and stress bringing you down? Here's how you can channel it into positivity

It is normal to get stressed and anxious, but it is not right for these emotions to cripple you or rule your life.
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Do you ever feel your muscles tense up and lungs crumple in? Your palms get sweaty and you feel butterflies in your stomach at the thought of a particular project, person or event. According to psychologists, it is a trait that has been in us from the early days of humanity, when we are faced with predator-like or stressful situations. It is your body's way of saying you are in danger even when you might not be in danger. 
If this feeling is present all the time with no reason, it can take a toll on your well-being. It becomes a disorder and begins to affect the normal functioning of the body and mind. This however, can be channeled into a tool to enable you to perform well. 
Look at the situation as a challenge
If there is a situation that makes you anxious, think of it as a challenge. Instead of focusing on the panicing you feel, focus on channeling that energy into a positive feeling that will help you keep the negative thoughts aside. If it is a test you are afraid of taking, tell yourself that this is what you have prepared for years and are sure to do well. 
Advice yourself
Others ask for advice when they are in a particular situation, we tend to be practical and give logical advice. But when it comes to ourselves, we can't seem to think straight. So next time onwards pretend like the situation is happening with somebody else and give advice to yourself on dealing with the situation, the way you would advice somebody else. 
Understand your emotions
Anxiety, stress, fear and worry are completely different emotions. In a particular situation try to first understand what you are feeling and acknowledge it. Once you know exactly which emotion you are feeling, you can overcome it.
When you are anxious, there is an adrenaline rush happening in your body. Since blood is gushing, there is a lot of energy. To get rid of it and calm yourself down, do some basic exercises. Sprinting, skipping and jumping jacks help. Yoga is another way of calming down the system. Through this, you can burn some calories and relax a little once you are done. 
Stop resisting
Many people get anxious when they see change coming. But what you need to understand is that change is not necessarily a bad thing. If life is still, there is no scope for improvement. Change is necessary for improvement which is why it should not be resisted. 
When it is not in control, anxiety can be paralysing and can effect your productivity. It is best to try and channel that energy so it doesn't hinder necessary growth. Do you have any other ways of turning these negative feelings into positive ones? Let us know in the comment section below.


Emotions created by mind can be handle by mind itself
Just need to ensure control of mind with different sources like morning walk on green grass,exercise,yoga,jogging or any body activity which divert your mind.
Once any bad emotion comes in life it overs with running time as we all had experience
Time is great source to heal the bad emotions

Please guide me how to control anger

It was a good article, need some more ways to tackle the stressors of life

The loss of one u love is non curable and it only gets lowered with time . All this wat u are writing has never helped in love related matters

We have to realise that by stressing we r doing harm to ourself

One may look for spiritual ways like chanting or going to some spiritual place or read some spiritual book. This can also help a person from overcoming a particular situation and also helps in balancing the emotional turbulence.

As a professional MultiFitness specialist and a life coach, I have had few of my clients telling me about sleeplessness during nights. They can hardly sleep for 3 hours and it's a daily issue for them. How to over come this situation? Any meditation techniques or advise you would have. Look forward for your response on this. Thabk you in advance.

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