AQUARIUS season: Aries, Libra and more compatible and non-compatible signs with the water bearer

When it comes to the stars, there are many signs you can get along with well and some that you can't stand at all. Here are the best and least compatible signs with Aquarius.
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Things like "An Aquarian is boring" or "An Aquarian is so nagging and dependent" are things you will never hear from people. This is solely because Aquarians are the most easy-going of the signs. Almost every zodiac sign gets along perfectly well with the Aquarians. So, they are not incompatible with any sign. 

The most vital part of Aquarians is that they recognise that every single person from the zodiac sign has an important role to play and is equally vital.
But there are some signs that get along incredibly well with Aquarians and would make for excellent partners to the star sign. They are:
While the Aquarians are calmer and composed, Aries are a burst of fire and have spontaneity in their life. Since Aquarians always try to see the best in everybody, Aries believe they need protection and do what it takes to protect them. These two signs together can change the world and make for the most compatible pair ever. They can start a revolution and heal the world together. 
True, both Aquarius and Libra are air signs, but the two are still so different that they make a great match. Librans are usually brimming with ideas and leave them unfinished when they jump from one to another. On the other hand, Aquarians create their own philosophy and stick with it for the rest of their lives. They understand each other like no other and just seem to fit. 
Aquarians can get too caught up in their own lives and spin out of control from time-to-time and this can be bad for them and even lead to anxiety and over-thinking. This is where Capricorns come in. They make the Aquarians more grounded. Similarly, Capricorns can get caught up in small obstacles that arrive in their paths. This is when Aquarians can help them in looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing on smaller obstacles. 
Since Aquarians are such complicated creatures by themselves, almost nobody can understand them as well as other Aquarians do. It may sound silly, but the best match for you, is yourself. Together, the two of you will make for the most compassionate, hardworking yet understanding group of people. 
The signs that you are least-compatible with are:
Both Aquarius and Taurus are known for over thinking everything. Both are known for being stubborn, and though Aquarius is open to new experiences, the Taurus is more traditional and likes to stick to their own beliefs. The Aquarius is also extremely free-spirited and can think of the Taurus as too possessive, to stick with them for a long term. 
Much like the Taurus, both the signs are too dissimilar to be more than just acquaintances. For the Virgo, Aquarius can be too liberal and careless, while the Aquarius just wants Virgo to let loose for once!
These two signs might seem perfect on paper, but in real life, the Aquarius finds Pisces too draining and smothering at the same time. And while Pisces understands and appreciates how free Aquarius is, it will hurt them emotionally, so much so that at one point they will feel under-appreciated and even unloved! All Pisces wants, is attention. But the Aquarius does not have the capability to give anymore. 
Which start sign do you belong to? What is your relationship with an Aquarius? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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