Are extra marital affairs good or bad? 5 reasons why people get into it

Some men or women have relationships with people outside their marriage. The question is whether extra marital affairs are good or bad?
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Any kind of illicit romantic or sexual relationship or romantic friendship outside marriage is called extra marital affair. These affairs are destroying innumerable relationships and causing hurdles between both the partners.


Many people get into an affair with someone who is also married, they think their partner wouldn’t know and everything is going to be smooth. Such people get blinded by this love and do not realize the disrespect they show to their marriage. Majority of affairs happen because of unsatisfying marriages, sexual desires or to get over the monotony of life.

These extra marital affairs don’t last for long. Some people instantly get attached to a person due to same interests and thinking. People who marry in a hush-hush situation often don’t marry the person of their dreams; this attracts them to someone else later in life.

Extra Marital Affairs

Extra marital affairs are not going to have an end anytime soon. If you know you’re not ready for marriage, look for the person you genuinely love. This will help you have a long successful marriage. Do not cheat on your partner and disrespect your marriage. Think about how you would feel if your partner did that to you.


Early Marriage

This is a very common reason why men and women get into extra marital affairs. They do not marry someone they genuinely love and get into family influence. Such marriages call for extra marital affairs.

Ex enters your life

In many cases, when the person’s ex comes back into their life. Many men and women feel that emotional attachment and recollect the past memories. This pulls them to their ex.

Ex enters your life

Lack of love

Many people don’t feel valued in their marriage and look for love outside. Feeling dejected in their marriage is one of the most common reasons why people get into extra marital affairs. Marriage is about mutual love, respect and understanding between two people. If there is lack of efforts from the other person, this may lead to extra marital affairs.

Lack of love

Sexual Desires

People who do not meet their sexual desires often get into extra marital affairs. Especially after having children, they get attracted to extra marital affairs.


When one of the two get to know that their partner is in a extra marital affair, it makes them aggressive. They try to enter into extra marital affairs to take revenge and show their partner. This destroys the marriage even more.

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