Are things going wrong with your best friend? Here are some signs that this friendship might be toxic

Toxic friendships are much more difficult to spot as compared to toxic relationships and a toxic friend can do more harm than a toxic partner.
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Friends are an important part of our lives. They mean a lot to us and are like family. They are our support system outside the family. They are the ones we rely on when we have no one. We can always turn to them to help us and stand by us. But what happens when things with your friends go haywire? What happens when your friend becomes toxic? What happens when your friend starts pushing you too far? It is okay when your friend makes a mistake and messes things up but it is not okay when things go too far. We know when relationships get toxic, but we fail to realize when things go wrong in a friendship. We refuse to walk away from our friends because we value them too much and losing friends hurts much more than losing a relationship. It is essential to spot signs of unhealthy friendships and part ways before it gets too late.

1. Your friend is very self-centered and so is your friendship. Its all about what your friend's needs and when he or she wants to rant and there’s no ‘you’ in this relationship.

2. They always put you down. You’re not equal in the relationship. They never appreciate you instead they constantly criticize you and it's never constructive.

3. Your friend is a little insecure and tries to control you. Controlling behavior is much difficult to spot in friendships. They may be in charge of when you meet and what you do and so on.

4. Their jokes are not just jokes, they humiliate you with their jokes and make you feel embarrassed and irritated.

5. The thought of meeting them and spending time with them makes you cringe.

6. They may lash out when you refuse to agree with them and do things as they planned. They use emotional blackmail to get you to agree to do things their way.

7. They are jealous of you and your happiness. They get bitter when you achieve something. They feel angry and bitter when you are more successful than them or if you are in a happier relationship than them.

8. They try to hamper your happiness and success with emotional blackmail and mind games. They may poison you against your partner because they are jealous of your relationship or try to damage your career by not letting you work properly and hampering your productivity.

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