Are you afraid of falling in love? This could be the reason based on your zodiac sign

Finding true love is difficult, but it becomes nearly impossible if you are afraid of falling in love in the first place. Are you too afraid to fall in love? Read on the know the reason based on your zodiac sign.
Are you afraid of falling in love? This could be the reason based on your zodiac sign Are you afraid of falling in love? This could be the reason based on your zodiac sign
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Love is something we all need in life. You dream of finding the one who will be by your side for the rest of your life and pick you when life takes a toll on you. And in the pursuit, you meet people who betray you, break your heart or rip you off from your individuality. If that happens, it becomes very difficult to fall in love again. There could be several reasons why you might be afraid of falling in love. 

Letting someone in your life is not easy, especially if you’ve been heartbroken. If you’re scared of love, then you may show it in different ways. As much you want to be in love, it can be frightening for some. However, if you’re not sure what’s stopping you to fall in love again, then astrology might be able to help. 

Here is why each zodiac sign might be afraid of falling in love. 


As one of the most independent signs of the zodiac, you are afraid of giving up your independence and space for someone. Your one of the biggest fears might be that it will slow you down. You’re also impulsive and tend to fall in and out of love easily, which is why you may experience heartbreak. This might also be the reason why you're afraid to share your most intimate side with someone. 


Taurus, you are set in your ways and aren’t a fan of change. You long for a long-term relationship that gives you stability and consistency. However, you’re afraid that the blissful security might get ripped away from you if you allow someone to be so close to you. 


Geminis love to explore and have new experiences, so you don’t like the idea of being confined in any way. Your biggest fear is to fall in love only to feel that your partner won’t be enough. You worry that you might lose interest in the person you’ve fallen in love with. 


Being a sensitive and nurturing sign, people under Cancer might be afraid of falling in love with someone who gives them false security. You tend to sacrifice too much in the name of love, and you may come across some ungrateful partners. Because of your past, you might become afraid to open up to someone again who is unreliable. 


Leos love the idea of love, but you can be extremely picky and have high standards, which is okay but sometimes it pushes your potential matches away. The thing you may be most afraid of when it comes to love is, you’re scared of disappointment. You also don’t like the idea of rejection so you tend to push away others before they do it first. 


You are very analytical about everyone and everything in life, even yourself. You crave perfection, even in relationships. You want the best, which doesn’t happen that often. Therefore, you constantly fear that you will become someone who won’t be able to match up to your own expectations. 


Libra, you are one of the signs who dream of true love, but your indecisiveness and fear get in the way. You fear the idea of being alone, which leads to flings and affairs. You care so much about how people perceive you that you become afraid of showing your real self to someone. 


As much as you want to experience love and romance, you have an inner fear of being betrayed. It is so strong that you get suspicious of people around you. You are also afraid of betrayal in a relationship, which is why you might even refrain yourself from falling in love altogether. 


You are free-spirited and crave adventure in life. While love is something you seek, but you hate being confined in it. You don’t want to get trapped in a monotonous life that takes away your freedom. 


Your self-control gets in the way of you finding true love. You know that love can be unpredictable and reckless. You want to be cautious in life, so you fear that love will make you feel too weak and bring out the vulnerabilities and insecurities that you have been hiding from the world. 


Aquarius, you love your freedom and don’t mind being single either. Just like Sagittarius, you don’t want to give up your independence for the sake of anyone else. While you seek love, you tend to distance yourself to protect your independence. The only fear you have when it comes to love is being deprived of your private space. 


You have a selfless nature, so you tend you be the giver in the relationship. Sometimes, people take advantage of you, which leaves you broken. So, what you may fear the most is not being valued in a relationship. This may also be the reason why you’re cautious of falling in love again. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I am Taurus and this is damn true .We dont allow anyone to come close to us as we are afraid .thats strange

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