Are you being ghosted? Here are 5 ways to deal with it

Ghosting is horrible, frustrating and just plain rude! Follow these 5 tips after you have been ghosted.
Are you being ghosted? Here are 5 ways to deal with it
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It is considered super cruel to refuse and ignore the other person’s calls and messages but ghosting, as we call it, has become fairly common. Finally, you have started seeing someone and everything is going fine. Later, out of the blue, they just disappear and become non-existent. Literally, just like a ghost. People have umpteen reasons as to why they do it. If you have been seeing someone for a very short while, and then they ghost you, it is relatively fine as there is no harm done. But when you have been seeing somebody for quite a long time and they ghost you, then you have to know that they are just evil. They might have justifiable reasons and excuses, but that does not make the pain any less.

Almost all of us have been ghosted at least once in our life. Some of us may even have become experts in dealing with it. So this is for the ones who did everything they're NOT supposed to do when they’ve been ghosted and of course for newbies joining the ‘Ghosted Club’.

Do not panic

Everybody loathes being ignored. It must have been a few hours or a few days since you have heard from them. You feel like you deserve a response and an explanation. But the biggest mistake you can do is call or text continuously until you get a response. Trust me, it will do nothing but only drive you even more crazy. If they haven't responded to any of your attempts to get in touch with them, gracefully walk away.

Just chill

I know it's easier said than done. When somebody ignores you and stops responding to you, there are a gazillion thoughts playing in your head. Do not jump in to any kinds of conclusions just yet. Take a super deep breath and step back. Give it some time and see if they respond. Find something to take your mind off checking your phone.

Do not block them on social media

This might seem a little off, but if you are following your ghosted on any social media platform, do not unfollow them just yet. Now, if they unfollow you first, two things will be crystal clear to you that they are still alive and they have royally discarded you. Then, you have to BLOCK them.

Don’t give them what they want

Well, basically, all those who ghost you after being together for a long time are pure narcissists. Narcs somehow finds immense joy in ghosting people who they are done with. They thrive off you on you going completely insane. Your continuous attempts to contact them will only make them feel good. Don't let this happen.

Move on

This might be really difficult initially, especially when your were really into the person and believed that they felt the same. You must have spend some quality time together and developed a bond that was broken with no explanation, when they decided to ghost you. It might seem like it’s all out of your control, but actually you have more control over yourself than the ghoster. You decide how you respond to their actions and you can snatch your power back by just walking away. The best revenge is living well.

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