Are you in a codependent relationship? THESE are the signs of a codependent relationship

Updated on Aug 20, 2019 11:22 PM IST  |  1.6M

Everyone depends on someone for emotional support and love and in a healthy relationship, it’s not uncommon to do that. It’s important to provide emotional support and love to your partner and get the same in return when you need it. That is just how relationships work. Simply depending on your partner for emotional support does not make your relationship a co-dependent relationship. A co-dependent relationship has a messed-up relationship dynamic. It is when one partner is so dependent on the other that they turn to them for approval and self-worth and over time lose their own identity. The other person in this relationship has more power and can exploit it by controlling the other person but sometimes it becomes much worse because the other person genuinely cares and tries to provide for the dependent partner. The dependent partner makes their life all about the other person and their world revolves around their partner and this may make the other person feel smothered. It is a form of clinginess but only worse and unhealthy. Here are some signs of a co-dependent relationship.

1. Your partner’s mood affects your mood. If your partner is in a bad mood, it automatically puts you in a bad mood. Your mood is a reflection of their mood.

2. You are always very forgiving. You always let it go if your partner hurts you or behaves irresponsibly. You feel too much compassion for your partner.

3. Your feeling and stress and problems aren’t as important anymore. It is all about your partner. You ignore your personal needs in order to satisfy theirs.

4. There is no balance in your relationship. You keep giving up everything for your partner and you make sacrifices while the same is not reciprocated by your partner.

5. You do too much for your partner. You are always helping them do things that they should be doing on their own. You help them with their work and little things like making sure that they eat on time and they have everything they need for work. Ensuring that they have petrol in the car and so on.

6. Your career has taken a back seat. Their career is the most important thing for you right now. You’ve been ignoring your work and professional growth because they need you more right now.

7. You always consult your partner before you do anything at all. You ask for their permission to do something as tiny as going for a haircut.

8. You always give in to your partner. You can never say no to them. You always let go of your issues to avoid an argument but you feel angry when that happens.

9. You change things in your life in order to accommodate your partner and their needs.

10. You always put on a smile on your face in order to cheer up your partner. It doesn’t matter how you feel. You do what it takes to keep your partner happy.