Are you a control freak millennial dad? THIS Father’s Day learn to be more friendly with your kids

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Signs of control freak parents

Parents always want the best for their children. But while thinking the best, they often forget to give them space and end up being a controlling mom and dad. When parents become controlling, then their kids get scared of opening up to them or sharing their feeling. Be it mother or father, you don’t have to be controlling to your kids and let them independence to some extent. Sometimes, you just need to let them learn from their own mistakes. So, this Father’s Day, take a step ahead for the sake of your kids and stop trying to be controlling parents. But how would you know if you are a controlling father? Dr Lini Balakrishnan, Consultant Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore shows us some ways to identify it.

Signs of a controlling parent:

1-Controlling dads truly believe that whatever they are doing is for the good of their child and they do not see how they might be affecting the child in the process.

2-They might evade their child’s boundaries and have their business all up in the private space of the child. Control freaks generally tend to check their child’s belonging- whether it is their mobile phone, their diaries or them telling their children that they cannot lock their doors from the inside. This can lead to a very toxic and negative environment in the house and may lead to many arguments. This may lead to the child believing that living with parents can never be fun, whereas spending time with fathers can be one of the most joyous things in one’s life.

3-They might come off to be an extremely strict and authoritative figure in the household, who is always ordering them what to do and what not to do. They always seem to have their way in a conversation and might end up ignoring what the child actually needs or requires.

4-It may be seen that control freaks generally might discourage their child to make decisions for themselves and may not want them so openly voice their opinion on topics, even relating to their own life. They may not always allow their young ones to freely explore their options and what they actually may want to do in life. They impose their wishes on their child and want them to do as they say.

5-They may forget to show any kind of empathy, kindness, or forgiveness in their day-to-day life.

Consequences of a strict or a control freak dad

1-The child might develop a sense of fear towards them.  The child might stop sharing anything that going on in their lives however much he or she would have wanted to. They will close themselves up in a shell and in the process, you might even end up missing few important moments in their life.

2The child might develop a sense of anxiety and might suffer from high stress levels. They might start facing mental health issues at a very young age if there is too much pressure to do things in a certain way, and if not done that way they fear they might get ‘punished’.

3-Living with a controlling parent is not only tough but can also end up limiting a child’s development.

How to stop your control freak mind?

One thing that parents must consider before they adopt the strict lifestyle is that if your child plays with clay/sand. What is your priority- the cleanliness of your child’s clothes and the mess he or she leaves behind or their mental health and overall development? Of course, their holistic development should be your top priority and your answer to the above question. So, let the young one make decisions for themselves and learn from their mistakes because you won’t be there for whole life to make decisions for them.

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