Are you dating a Sagittarian? Here are some pros and cons you need to know

It’s not easy to tie down a Sagittarian and if you’re close to doing that, it might be a good idea to know what you can before things turn sour.
Sagittarius Horoscope Pros And Cons: Are you dating a Sagittarian? Here are some pros and cons you need to know Are you dating a Sagittarian? Here are some pros and cons you need to know
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You’ve just met someone a while back and compliments are being thrown around. You feel the sparks and butterflies and the flirting goes back and forth and you know that love is slowly blooming. You know you’re falling for this person and this person is falling for you. You can feel your blood rushing and you can feel the excitement and the anticipation for what is to come in your bones but that’s not all! This person you’re falling for happens to be a Sagittarius. Now, you need to know all about Sagittarians before things get any serious. We don’t know if zodiac compatibility and astrology is true or not but we do know all about the zodiac personalities. Every sign has a distinct personality that makes them who they are. There are some traits that every person shares with people of his or her zodiac sign because every sign has a number of unique traits that make them who they are. It’s important to know whatever you can before you get into a relationship with a person.


They’re very optimistic and adventurous. They love a little bit of adventure in their lives. They’re spontaneous so don’t be surprised if your surprise date turns out to be a little trip to nowhere or a trek! They’re open-minded and they freely express their desires. They’re not afraid of expressing their sexual desires either. They don’t like being stuck in a rut so, you’ll come across a lot of fun experiments in life and love. They’re very energetic and they love having adventure stories to tell. They’re free-spirited and love meeting new friends and getting new experiences in life.


If you’re someone who isn’t open to a new adventure, a Sagittarian will get bored of you and don’t be surprised if they walk away from you and the relationship. They’re very independent and they appreciate someone who is independent too. They’re not someone who will stand by you will you constantly depend on them and turn clingy. They don’t like needy people. It’s difficult to get a Sagittarian to commit. They take their own time to get to the commitment. They love their freedom much more than they love anyone. They will always need a reality check every now and then. Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarian partner manages to give you mixed signals and confuses you. That’s just how they roll.

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