Are you falling for a Gemini? Here are the pros and cons of dating this zodiac sign

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, zodiac signs do have an impact on a person's personality and they often share a number of zodiac sign related personality traits.
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Zodiac sign can define a person’s personality in many ways. If you’re falling in love with someone who is born between May 22 to June 21, then you’re in love with the zodiac sign, Gemini. This sign is a very unique sign. Depicted by the twins, this sign has more than one personality. The people belonging to the Gemini sign are often a social butterfly and they are very outgoing but at the same time, they can be restless and anxious. Knowing your partners positive and negative traits can be a relief and can help you manage your relationship better.


They don’t mind adjusting with you and you won’t have to change your schedule to match theirs. They’ll happily do that instead. They like change and variety. They hate being stuck in a rut so they will keep doing new things. This is why they are very versatile. They want to achieve new heights in life and they work hard to do it. They’re very soft-spoken and will be very charming to talk to. They’re quick-witted and humorous. They’re very intelligent and you can connect with them on a mental level. You can have nice long intellectual conversations with them. They’re very knowledgeable and they can tell you all about that thing you have no idea about. They’re easy-going and fun.


They are very intelligent and can often come across as know-it-alls. They find it very difficult to stay focused and consistent. They get bored very easily. Don’t be surprised if they dump you because they’re just bored. They need the spark and spontaneity alive for a relationship to work. They cannot live in a rut. They need constant thrill and romance to make things work in the long run. They can be very superficial. They can be a little indecisive and unreliable. A Gemini will often cancel or change plans or be unavailable for you. Don’t take a risk by depending on them without any backup plans. They are very full of energy which often tends to make them anxious and they also have tremendous mood swings.

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