Are you in a financially abusive relationship? THESE signs will tell it all

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Are you in a financially abusive relationship? THESE signs will tell it all

When we think about abuse in a relationship, we mostly talk about physical and verbal abuse. But apart from these two, financial abuse also exists in a relation and is highly damaging. Often, financial abuse is considered to be the first sign of domestic abuse. But often people can’t notice it and continue to be the victim of it.

In financial abuse, victims don’t have the ability to acquire, use and maintain financial resources. Sometimes, they are also prevented from working by the abusers. They get restrictions to use their own money. In such a situation, victims feel trapped in the relationship.

Read below to know more about financial abuse:

Impacts of financial abuse in a relationship

People who face financial abuse in their relationship feel devastated eventually. They start to feel a huge lack of financial control and independence. Without proper access to any kind of financial assets, they don't feel safe about their future and savings. As a result, they can’t plan anything as per their needs. It eventually becomes hard for them to find independence and long-term security.

Examples of financial abuse

When someone’s partner abuses the person financially, they would try to exploit his or her resources. Some of the examples are:

1. They will try to control your access of the money which you have gained and saved by yourself.

2. He or she may also use your money for their won purpose without asking or informing.

3. Using your credit cards without permission and spending beyond limits without paying the bills.

4. Borrowing money without repaying it.

5. Expecting you to pay their bills.

6. Criticising your work and forcing you to leave your job.

7. Dictating where you can work and where you cannot.

8. Harassing you at work by calling, texting constantly.

9. Interfering and criticising every financial decision you make.  

10. Not letting you make any financial decision for the future.


When someone gets financially abused, they end up depending on the abuser completely for not having any secure financial resources. So, when you can sense any of the signs mentioned above in your relationship, talk to a lawyer or therapist immediately.

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