Relationship Advice: 7 telltale signs of a rebound relationship

Does your relationship feel superficial? Feels like something is missing? Read on to find out if you are in a rebound relationship.
Relationship Advice: 7 telltale signs of a rebound relationship
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When a serious relationship comes to an end the heartache is immense. Going through the pain of moving on and accepting the change in your life can be really difficult. Healing is a long and tiring process that everyone has to go through to move forward without the baggage. But how do you cope and stay strong through everything when there’s so much pain and simply shedding tears is not enough.

Some people take the easy and destructive way out. A rebound relationship. They jump into something new to make things easier not knowing how much pain and destruction it will cause. A rebound relationship not only hampers your healing process but it also causes pain and heartache to the other person. It’s important to spot the signs and get out of it while you still can with your head held high and your self-esteem intact.

Here are the signs of a rebound relationship:

1. It feels temporary and it’s not very serious. It’s a casual relationship and you don’t have any intentions to keep it going for the long-term.

2. This relationship only fills the void in your life and your heart. It’s nothing meaningful and only meant to replace the person you lost. You look for someone to fit into you past flame’s shoes. 

3. You quickly jump into this relationship immediately after your break up. You are moving too fast and rushing into things without giving it a second thought.

4. You are bitter about your past and your last relationship. You still have a lot of anger and unresolved feelings. 

5. Your rebound relationship is more about sex and less about emotions. You constantly want sex. Your relationship is based on good sex and not feelings of love and respect and trust.

6. You emotionally shut off. You share no emotional connection with your partner and don’t feel very concerned about their feelings. You are unaffected by their feelings and actions. You just don’t care.

7. You are fixated on your ex and just can’t let go. You constantly compare your partner to your ex and your relationship too. You are always talking about your past relationship and your ex or you blatantly refuse to talk or discuss anything about your ex. You run away from your past and the memories it brings.

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