Are you in a relationship or a situationship? THESE are the signs of a situationship

Are you in a situation where you are in a relationship but it does not seem real? If it feels like your relationship is unreal and you’re stuck in a limbo, then it’s time to evaluate your relationship.
Are you in a relationship or a situationship? THESE are the signs of a situationshipAre you in a relationship or a situationship? THESE are the signs of a situationship
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A situationship is a situational relationship. When two people end up getting stuck in a situation that arises from their past breakups or fallout with friends. A situationship is when you end up in a relationship with someone you don’t really love or want to be with but you need emotional support and someone to lean on and so does the other person. A situationship involves feelings and certain expectations and intimacy but it’s nothing like your traditional relationship. It’s more than friendship but less than a relationship. It involves emotional investment but not as much as a relationship.

This relationship lacks a label or commitment. Either partner can walk out of the relationship whenever they find someone they want to commit to. This situationship is more about the situation and the need for someone’s attention rather than love. A situationship is a huge emotional risk and it can damage you in ways you can’t imagine. It’s essential to spot the signs of a situationship. Here are some things to look out for.

1. You don’t text or call each other as much. You don’t communicate like a normal couple. You only text or call each other to make a plan.

2. You don’t go out on actual dates. You spend most of the time cooped up indoors. You simply spend time indoors.

3. Your relationship does not have labels. When someone asks you if you’re dating the answer isn’t yes.

4. You avoid meeting each other’s friends and getting too involved in each other’s lives. And if you do end up meeting each other’s friends you don’t have any answers for them. You simply claim to be friends or just testing the waters.

5. There is no cutesy or loving stuff in your relationship. You don’t click pictures together or have fun together. You just spend time together because it’s better than being single.

6. You don’t make any plans together. You don’t discuss the future or even the near future. You don’t go on vacations together or go away for a weekend.

7. You steer clear of each other’s families. You avoid meeting the family or telling them or getting them involved in any way. Your family has no idea about your situationship or your partner.

8. You are in limbo with this relationship. You’re single but not really. You’re dating but it’s nothing like a real relationship. You don’t talk about the future or plan anything at all but you don’t plan or breaking up either. You’re not discussing a break-up. You’re just stuck in time.

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