Are you wondering why millennials prefer being single? Here's why

The youth want different things in life. They don’t focus on love on relationships as much as the old generation. Here’s why they love their singledom.
Are you wondering why millennials prefer being single? Here's why
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The new generation has a very different set of priorities that most of the old generation doesn’t understand. While the parents want their kids to get married and settle down in their 20’s the millennials have a different path laid out for themselves. They don’t want to be tied down and have a number of arguments and logic to go against it. They don’t want marriage or kids at such an early age and want to take their own sweet time. This is mostly because the new society pushes them to be independent and do well in life and the new-gen wants to take it to the next level. They want more from life than their parents did. The millennials have a different idea and opinions regarding relationships and singledom.


Here’s why they prefer being single

1. They don’t want to settle for less. They want more from life than just a relationship and love. 

2. They are very career-oriented and want to focus on building a life and career before plunging into a relationship that takes so much time and efforts. They want to nurture their career before nurturing love and relationship.

3. They want freedom instead of being tied down to one person. They want their own freedom and make choices without having to think about another person. They want their sexual freedom. They want to explore relationships and sex before being tied down to one person.

4. They crave more serious, long-term and meaningful relationships. They don’t want to jump into something without testing the waters. They prefer taking their own sweet time to be mentally prepared for a serious relationship. Being single is the right way to do it.

5. They first want to focus on improving society and they all have their own social causes that they passionately work for. They want a better society before love. They want a society where their love and relationship can flourish and they work on it.

6. The millennials don’t want to put up with the hassle of a relationship and marriage and family drama in their youth. They want to focus on other things and take time to build up to family life. 

7. Before finding someone else to love they want to love their own selves. They focus more on self-love and enjoy their own company. They build social connections before building a relationship based on love.

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