Are you worried about your relative's mental health? Here how to spot signs of depression in your loved ones

Spotting the signs of depression in time can save the life and sanity of your loved ones and all the people around them.
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Depression is challenging. Recognizing the signs of depression itself can be a task. It’s not easy to spot the signs. There is a very thin line between depression and stress and this line tends to get blurry sometimes. We tend to pass of depression as just another mood swing or sadness. Moreover, mental health and its problems make a majority of people feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to accept that we or someone we love has a mental health problem. Going to a therapist or a psychiatrist makes people cringe and makes them question their sanity. When you are in pain or have an injury, you see a doctor and you don’t question your entire body and its capability to function because of it. The same goes for mental health. You simply need to see a doctor and treat this illness instead of questioning your sanity. Since mental health is considered a taboo, we refuse to seek help or have knowledge about it. This is why we miss out on the subtle signs of depression in our loved ones. Here is how you can spot the signs.

1. A person suffering from depression has sleeping troubles. Setting a proper routine or sleep cycle is difficult for them. In fact, maintaining a proper sleep cycle can be hard too. They have disturbed sleep and their sleeping habits and patterns constantly change. Sometimes they sleep too much and sometimes too less or maybe not at all.

2. No matter what they do or what they eat or how much rest they get, they still feel tired and fatigued. They lack energy all the time. Excessive fatigue is a big sign of depression.

3. They smile and laugh too much in order to hide their real feelings. They hide their sadness behind a smile. It’s essential to spot fake happiness and discuss this. Chances are that they are trying to “fake it till they make it”.

4. They lack concentration and seem disinterested. They avoid being around people and do not take an interest in anything. Including the things that they loved doing in the past. They cannot concentrate on anything for a long time.

5. They are in a bad mood or constantly feel low and pessimistic. They always have a negative outlook on everything that happens. They’re a little too realistic and expect the worst things all the time.

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