Aries, Gemini, Scorpio: THIS is how each zodiac sign behaves when they are unhappy in a relationship

Wondering if your partner is unhappy in the relationship? Read on to know the one thing they might do if they are no longer happy, based on their zodiac sign.
Aries, Gemini, Scorpio: THIS is how each zodiac sign behaves when they are unhappy in a relationship
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It can be heartbreaking to come to the realization that your partner is no longer happy in the relationship, but it is something that should not be taken for granted. While it may feel scary because of the uncertainty of what beholds, but it is necessary for you to address it nonetheless. It can be difficult to recognise the signs when your partner is not being obvious about it, but astrology might be able to help here.  

It is believed that astrology tells a lot about a person, so every zodiac sign behaves a certain way when they are unhappy in a relationship. Of course, compatibility and behaviour are not solely based on Sun signs, but it can help you give some perspective. So, if you aren't sure whether your partner is happy or not in the relationship, then keep scrolling. 

Here’s how each zodiac sign might behave when they are unhappy in a relationship. 


Aries people are known for being straightforward with their intentions, so they will share every tiny detail with you if they are in love. However, they may shut you down and won’t confront you if they are unhappy in the relationship.  


Geminis don’t like to settle down, which is why it can be hard for them to accept that they are no longer happy in their real relationship. They might struggle at work, cry for no particular reason, lash out at times when they can’t handle it. They do all of this until they have no choice but come to terms with reality. 


Cancer-borns are very emotional and kind. However, when things aren’t going well in their relationship, they might pass passive-aggressive comments or release their pent-up emotions by telling their friends what is going on without actually trying to resolve the issue. If your Cancer-sweetheart has turned sour lately, that should be a strong sign to know that they are unhappy.


Taureans aren’t a fan of change and like to lead a comfortable life. Unlike Aries, this sign won’t close you off, instead might try to their best to show you how they are happy even when they aren’t. The key here is to identify if your Taurean has suddenly become hyperactive on social media or trying very hard to show that things are going fine in the relationship. 


Virgos don’t like to feel emotionally weak, so they might try to find a distraction that will divert their mind from the problem. They might act cold and not come up to you to talk things out. But you can always reach out to them. 


When Leo likes someone, they try to impress them and be the centre of their partner’s universe. It should not come as a shock that they might stop putting in more efforts to impress you if they no longer feel good about the relationship. But they will be upfront with you about their feelings. 


Ruled by the planet of love, Libras are romantics at heart but they also happen to be workaholics. So, when there is trouble in paradise, they might turn to work and try to keep themselves as busy as possible. They might have a hard time telling you they’re unhappy, but it will show up in their actions.  


Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. So, when they are secretly unhappy in a relationship, they might freak out over everything, even the things that aren’t related to you. They will become less intimate and less emotionally involved. Basically, they won’t be able to carry it for too long if they are not happy. 


Once an Aquarius becomes discontent, they start doing their own thing without caring much about the bond they share with their significant other. And the worst part is they might not even realise what they are doing can be unbearable for their partner. 


Capricorns like to have control over everything they do in life. So, they might try to manipulate the situation for the relationship to work out. Some Capricorns might start focusing more on work and their ambition, and turn less affectionate. 


When a Pisces is unhappy, they get very uncomfortable, which might lead to the feeling of insatiable desire to escape. So, they might start spending more time alone or act distant.  


Sagittarians wear their emotions on their sleeves, so they become irritable and passive-aggressive, or you might see them being more independent. They might go on solo trips, do their own thing to avoid making things worse. 

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