Aries, Leo, Virgo: How every zodiac sign acts before they initiate a break up 

Before a breakup, people start to act differently. Read on to know how every person acts based on their zodiac sign.
Aries, Leo, Virgo: How every zodiac sign acts before they initiate a break up 
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Relationships are complicated. Among the love, companionship and understanding, there are also a lot of other factors that ensure it lasts. But relationships also come with complications, communication gaps and misunderstandings. All of these tend to cause cracks in it leading to a breakup eventually. Before breaking up, people usually change. Their moods, behaviour, reaction and everything else flips, making them totally different people. Read on to know how every zodiac sign acts before they initiate a breakup in their relationship. 


Just before initiating a breakup, Aries grow distant. They stop making plans to meet, stop replying to texts quickly and create a large gap between themselves and their partner. 


Taurus are usually happy people but when things aren't right, they get moody and start fights for petty things. They also start to complain about everything their partner does. 


Geminis show interest with their touch. When they lose interest, Geminis stop touching, hugging or kissing you in private and in public. They also don't want to hold hands anymore. 


People of this zodiac sign love sharing every single detail about their life and day. When they are losing interest, they give one word answers and avoid having conversations no matter how fun or serious. 


When they are no longer interested, Leos stop caring. They stop caring enough to argue, call you out on your mistakes or even freak out when they are right and you are wrong. They become passive. 


They don't like to do the dirty work themselves and instead give you reasons to break up with them. They pick fights, and constantly point out your flaws, causing more problems in the relationship. 


Usually, Librans are known to put a lot of effort in their relationship and show you off. But when they want to break up, they stop doing cute things, showing you off to their friends. 


Usually very secure when they want to break up, Scorpios spend loads of time cross questioning their relationship and overthinking it. They also cry a lot about it. 


They start a comparison. They compare their relationship to others' relationships, to their exes and even to strangers. 


One of the most honest people, they are open about their feelings and are blunt with you about the relationship. They have conversations and question how much longer this is going to last and weigh it out well. 


When they want to break up with somebody, Aquarians step back and put up walls. They become cold and withdraw emotionally and close themselves up. 


Extremely emotional, Pisceans retreat when they want to break up. They stop making future plans, talking about the future. They don't make plans even for the coming week if they are sure about breaking up.