Aries-Libra to Gemini-Sagittarius: THESE zodiac couples prove that opposites attract

People with opposite personalities attract and balance out the odds. Here are five zodiac signs who are the definition of opposites attract.
Love & Relationships,zodiac sign,compatible sign,opposite signsAries-Libra to Gemini-Sagittarius: THESE zodiac couples prove that opposites attract
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Remember the last time you met someone and liked them. Was it the similarities you shared with them that made them so attractive? Or is it that they were so unlike you? If it’s the latter then chances are you believe in the idea that opposite attracts. Well, opposites do attract and sometimes turns out to be the best match. It is even true for some astrological signs.  

Some zodiac signs who are the complete opposite in nature, balance a relationship perfectly. Dating a person who is completely opposite can sometimes bring out the best in you. There will be a sense of fullness if two opposites come together in union. Where one lacks, the other will suffice and vice-versa. Plus, what’s a better way to learn more about yourself than be with someone opposite and will help you discover a different side of yourself. 

All that said, here are 5 zodiac signs that prove opposites attract. 

Aries and Libra 

While Aries is headstrong and aggressive, Libras are peacemakers who don’t like starting a fight and are more concerned about what the other person might feel if they hurt them. Together, Libra will teach an Aries to think of others before speaking bluntly and Aries can teach a Libra to set their priorities straight and help them understand thatt being a little assertive might boost their self-confidence. These two signs will find a perfect balance in a relationship. 

Taurus and Scorpio                           

Taurus, on one hand, focuses on self-indulgence and doesn’t compromise on the finest things in life. Scorpios, on the other hand, are badass and not afraid of being vulnerable in front of the person they love the most. When a Scorpio loves, they become the most dependable and loyal partners ever.

A Taurus can help a Scorpio understand the importance of spending some time alone when in a relationship and be calm. Meanwhile, a Scorpio might bring out in Taurus the determination required in a relationship. However, both are fixed signs, meaning they can be extremely stubborn which is not best for their relationship. If they work through this, they might be the strongest couple out there. 

Capricorn and Cancer 

The emotional Cancer and the workaholic Capricorn make the best couple. They have all the qualities to become the yin-yang couple. While Capricorns are all about work, Cancers want to build a family and want security in life. They may have different priorities in life but they are the perfect halves of a complete relationship. 

They both value practicality and work-ethic, maybe in different areas of life, but that’s what makes them a power duo. 

Pisces and Virgo 

Dreamy Pisces and sexy Virgo are completely opposite to each other but they are definitely one of the best couples. They both have different perspectives in life, which is why they level each other. While Virgo will help Pisces to find emotional stability, Pisces will help Virgo to bring down their over-analytical nature down a notch. 

Virgo is practical and organised; Pisces can be disorganized and indecisive. Virgos can help Gemini find their path and follow it. Their relationship is the perfect amalgamation of strength, emotional blend and life planning.  

Gemini and Sagittarius 

Smarty-pants Gemini and explorer Sagittarius share the common love for adventure and travel. Gemini’s energy is more social and sexual, and a Sagittarius is more laid-back and relaxed. While Gemini focuses on the detail of things, Sagis look at the bigger picture. Together, this power duo is unstoppable.  

However, they both get bored in relationships easily and crave freedom, which is why they need to come up with ways to maintain a mutual interest in the relationship. But the good thing is that they will never run out of things to talk about. Their relationship will be full of versatility and fun. 

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Angelina Jolie is a Gemini and Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius... Now both are separated...

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

These signs are astrological "sisters" that why they are good together. Im a cancer and i really like taurus

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Hello, I'm Pisces, which is an interesting juxtaposition, of all the signs. I personally find Aries interesting. They can get things done, yet I feel their sense of humor is underrated...

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