Aries, Taurus, Leo: How you screw up your relationships based on your zodiac sign

Everybody screws up relationships form time to time.  Here's how you do it based on your zodiac sign. 
Aries, Taurus, Leo: How you screw up your relationships based on your zodiac sign Aries, Taurus, Leo: How you screw up your relationships based on your zodiac sign
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Relationships can by tricky. It comes with love, heartbreak, attachments, sadness, anger and all the possible feelings out there. When it is good, there is nothing like it. And when things get bad, there is nothing worse. It is also extremely easy to screw up relationships with behaviour. And of course, knowing how differet people are, they screw up differently. Each person has a different personality, characteristics and behaviour all that can be told by the stars. Here's how each person does it according to their zodiac sign. 


There comes a point in every relationship when things get uneasy. And when that time comes in your relationship, all you can do, rather than solving it is to run away. 


in every relationship there are fights and problems. But when there are fights in your relationship, you don't let it go for a very long time. You hold on to grudges and that's what ruins the relationship. 


You are extremely scared of letting people see the real you. That's why you hide yourself and keep everything a secret because you don't want people to see the unfiltered you, which is what ruins tings. 


You aren't clear form the beginning. You don't ask for commitment and instead allow your partner to walk all over you, getting yourself hurt in the process. 


You always want things your way. This is what makes you extremely demanding in relationships and in turn causes you to screw up. Because who wants such a demanding partner?


You refrain from talking about deep things that actually matter, only to protect yourself. But you can't keep using sarcasm and dry humour as a defence mechanism because honestly that's what is screwing up the good relationship you have got going. 


You are not shy but extremely demanding in the sense that you want the other person to make the first move. So you hide your feelings and wait without giving the other person a hint, signal or anything else to go on with. 


To you, work comes first. That is not necessarily a bad thing but when you are too deep in a relationship, you need to give it some time and prioritise it over work at times. Learn to strike a balance. 


You are a huge player, let's face it. But when you find somebody you connect with, it is time to let go of your player persona. You should be committing rather than playing. 


You are shy of admitting how you feel despite being asked repeatedly. You keep your heart locked away and that's what screws things up most times. 


You overthink like nobody else. This causes you to come up with scenarios in your head and pick up fights and arguments that are extremely petty and unnecessary. Your overthinking is what screws things up. 


You are extremely sensitive and only wish to protect your feelings. This is when you push people away, when you get too close or get too invested or too scared. 

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