Aries, Taurus, Scorpio: How each zodiac sign breaks up when they don't feel it anymore

In every relationship, there comes a time when people just don't feel the passion and excitement anymore. Breaking up with somebody is never easy so here's how each zodiac sign does it.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac sign,zodiac sign breakupAries, Taurus, Scorpio: How each zodiac sign breaks up when they don't feel it anymore
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Relationships are one of the most complicated things on earth. Of course, there is love, but making things work comes from both the sides. There are a lot of complications and misunderstandings that come along with all the love, in relationships. When it comes to ending them, breaking up with somebody is not very easy. It involves a lot of pain, heartbreak and loads of courage. But since it needs to be done in order to heal and move on, here is how every zodiac sign breaks up. 


When they want to break up, they want to minimise the pain and damage but don't know how. So, instead of being honest and truthful, they tend to create stupid and lame excuses about why they are breaking up. 


Not the best at breaking up, Pisces prefer to do it subtly. They won't talk about it but will just start becoming distant, call you "buddy", introduce you as their "friend" but its all because they want to end things and continue to remain friends. 


The worst at handling breakups, they prefer to rip off the bandaid but don't tend to the scar. They just stop answering texts or responding calls and prefer to end it completely in one go, rather than prolong it. 


They don't want to hurt you, so they'll start off by giving you mixed signals. They will be distant one day but when you start to suspect something, they get close again and pretend like nothing is wrong. It is a long cycle but if you ever suspect something is wrong, get them to talk about it and fix it, if you don't want things to end. 


They will break up in the most Gemini way possible. They will end it by saying that a relationship is not something they want, and how they just aren't ready for a relationship now. 


Ever heard the term, "you deserve better"? It was the Cancerian who invented it. They will makeup an excuse about how you deserve better than them and what a great person you actually are. 


Like lions, they also do it so subtly that you will miss it if you are not attentive. What they'll do instead, is subtly bring up the person they're actually interested in. Pay attention. 


One of the most straightforward signs, they will be blunt to make things loud and clear. They want to get done with it and the best way, is to be honest about breaking up. 


Everytime you try to flirt with them or try to do couple things, they will laugh it off. When asked, they will shrug it off to ignore it completely. 


One of the most insensitive signs there is, Scorpions will flirt with the person they are interested in, right in front of their partner when they are in a relationship. 


Extremely lethal when it comes to breaksups,they prefer to cut off their partner completely. They do this by deleting them from all of their social media accounts, deleting their number and pretending they never existed. 


One of the most head-on signs, they prefer to break up face to face and finish it off completely. 

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