Aries, Virgo, Aquarius: What does a 'forever person' mean for each zodiac signs

No matter how many people you have in life, one person who makes you feel that they are your forever person fills you in with is just beyond words. We have different pictures of our forever person as what works for one might not work for the other. So, it is quite difficult to figure the right combination of characteristics.
Love & Relationships,love,zodiac,forever personAries, Virgo, Aquarius: What does a ‘forever person’ mean for each zodiac signs
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Forever people can be friends or partners who stick around in your life through thick and thin. Sometimes when you meet someone, you immediately know that they will always be part of your life and that they will earn a very special place in your heart with their unconditional love and support. Your forever person will accept you for who you are and will allow you to be open about the messy, unflattering sides to your personality. All of us have different needs and expectations when it comes to a forever person in their lives. So, here’s what a “forever person” means for each zodiac sign.


Aries, you are a born enthusiast, which means you love the wilderness and you exercise your courage. You manage to surprise everyone with your honesty and transparency. Thus, a forever person for you means someone who shares the same amount of boldness and honesty as you do. They shouldn't act timid and should be able to take what life throws at them with an open hand. They should accept your erratic decisions, impulsiveness and your audacious personality. Most importantly, they should be able to match your energy.


You’re always stubborn about what you want and what is yours should always be yours. So, a forever person for you should be loyal and look over your other flaws. You will only be able to accept them wholeheartedly once they’ve earned your trust and unconditional love. They should be able to put up with you when you're paranoid and should provide you with the feeling of warmth, security and comfort. Most of all, your forever person should be able to become your forever companion.


You are a twin sign Gemini, which means you find it nearly impossible to be alone. So, you’ll want your forever person to be as communicative and expressive as you. You value communication very much because you know it’s the biggest connection you have with a person. They should not only able to understand what you say verbally or physically but also what your heart says. You are an honest soul even if it hurts the other person. They should be able to accept who you are and all in all be super responsive.


You are an emotional, quiet and a sensitive soul. Your forever person is expected to be loving, committed and sensitive. Someone who should be able to understand your mood swings and deepest thoughts. After all that you have been through in the past, they should admire you for not allowing the past to turn you bitter and cold. Being a caretaker to all those in life, you expect you forever love to take care of you, spoil you and pamper you to the most.


Hello King Lion! You’re the ultimate leader in your relationship which also means that you are the ultimate king of romance. A forever person to you means someone who'll do anything to please you and do not get intimidated by your high ambitions both in your life and relationship. They should push you further and inspire you. No matter what happens, you expect your forever person will propel you to your personal and professional heights.


You are the most practical and logical sign of the zodiac, who lives in the reality. Your forever soulmate should understand that you’re not being wild with your goals and you live with the flow, based on the principles that are tangible and self-evident. They should not control or restrict you in life because your brain is the master of your heart and not the other way around. Your forever person should find your eccentricities charming and loveable, and you feel safe in the knowledge that they'll never judge you for being who you are.


Your idea of a forever person is someone who is very different from you but, you two click just perfect. They should be deeply understanding and someone who envisions and weighs things out. Your forever person should be patient when you take extra long time to decide on something as you carefully navigate your thoughts before taking a decision. Most importantly, they should never take your love and kindness for granted.


DO NOT MESS WITH ME. This is clearly written all over your zodiac personality. You may seem like a cynic, but you definitely need love and affection. A forever person for you is someone who can be trusted and will not provoke your sting. They should be able to stick by your side when you're having one of those crazy days. The person should prove to you that they’re completely and utterly devoted to everything they do for you.


You’re always out for the good vibes and so you need someone who can tolerate your loudness and who enjoys your bubbly personality. Thus, your forever person should be someone who optimistic and as fun as you are. Someone with whom you can totally be yourself and share your inner storms. They should be your ultimate best friend and your equal in terms of charisma, charm and for the love of life.


You will need your forever person to follow the same values you share about love, family and life. You do not have the time for immature drama in life and they should understand that. They should be able to give you the joy you’ve never experienced but at the same time, they support you for being responsible. Basically, they should add spice to your life, when you choose to grieve over responsibilities and adult life.


You are often considered odd for your behaviour and thinking but you charm people with your intelligence. With that fact, a forever person for you is someone who adheres to your principles and values. Who doesn’t laugh at those but studies those and includes those in their life. You would want them to love every part of you and consider it unique and beautiful.


As the most romantic and dreamy soul of the zodiac signs, you would expect your forever soul to be someone who is normal and down to earth. A person who enjoys being clingy, jealous and cheesy are a big turn off for you. Also, you will never look for someone who is way too mature and serious in life. When you dream of a future together with them, they should be someone who can support you to follow your creative dreams.

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