Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer: How to tell if your partner is losing interest in you based on their zodiac sign

When people are young, it is bound for relationships they are in, to come to an end. Here is how to tell that your partner is losing interest based on their zodiac sign.
Aries, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer: How to tell if your partner is losing interest in you based on their zodiac signAries, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer: How to tell if your partner is losing interest in you based on their zodiac sign
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Relationships are one of the trickiest things ever. They have their own ups and downs and when things don't work out, they come to an inevitable end which is usually when one partner begins to lose interest in the other. This is how you can tell if your partner is losing interest in you, based on their zodiac sign. 


When you are with them, they pay more attention to everything around them. If there is nothing else to look at, they end up staring at their phones even! They make their disinterest in you very clear. 


When Pisceans lose interest in you, they want to be around you only when they are drunk and high. They have absolutely no interest in you when they are sober. 


When Aries are not interested anymore it shows in their attitude. They begin to argue about every little things and start up fights when there is nothing to fight about. Every small thing you do seems to get on their nerves. 


They create a distance when they are not interested, like true bulls. They will not touch you and will shrug you away when you try to get close, hold their hand or kiss them. 


Normally quick to respond to texts, messages and calls, this will soon reduce in frequency. They take longer to respond to you and at times don't bother responding at all!


They don't bother to converse anymore. Once they have lost interest, Cancerians barely say a word and let you lead the conversation the entire time with nothing to contribute to it. 


They make it very clear that they aren't into you anymore. In true Leo sense, they start seeking attention from other people, hanging out with others more become more distant from your in the meantime. 


Virgos make excuses when they are not into you anymore. They say they are caught up at work, are too tired, have deadlines, etc. and anything else that will get them away from hanging out with and being with you. 


You can tell that Librans are not interested when they stop putting in an effort for you. People from this sign would initially put effort in looking their best, making plans, etc. when but they just don't anymore. When they are out with other people, they put in an effort though and it shows!


The simplest way to tell if a Scorpio is not interested anymore, is that the sex doesn't happen anymore. They just aren't into doing it with you. 


You can tell when a Sagi loses interest because they don't fight with you anymore, which is super weird. It just shows that they don't care enough to fight for things they believe in. 


When a Capricorn loses interest, they ghost you - literally! They drop off the face of the planet, don't answer texts, calls or even look at you when they run into you on the street. 

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