Been friend-zoned? Here's help! Follow these 5 simple steps

Have you been recently friend-zoned by someone you wanted to date? Keep these five secrets in mind.
Love & Relationships,friend zone It is essential and brave to express your feelings to that person regardless of how you might feel.
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A "friend zone" is a conceptual place wherein, the person you want to date, only wants you around platonically or they seem to intend to. It is essential and brave to express your feelings to that person regardless of how you might feel. Since the friend zone is not the desired place you anyway don’t want to beat.

Since you're reading this article, it means you're in the zone, and that means it's late but not too late. You can leave the zone by telling them how you feel, by keeping the following points in mind:

1. Don't be there halfway. Set all your bets on that person. Give it your best shot, don't act casual when putting it out there even if you think the attraction is only one-way. Appreciate them in a way you would want to be appreciated yourself.

2. Ask yourself constantly that would you even be friends with this person, had it not been for the attraction. If you make that decision, it can drive you to either a good relationship or save you from a bad friendship.

3. Earning affection is a desperate thing, you don't have to be pushed around to get that. Expecting affection because there's a lack of it, means you've been dangling all along while someone else they're engaged romantically with someone else. Don't just sit around, your physical presence doesn't mean that there is a spark. There can be a spark, but if you bring something new to the table by taking the lead.

4. Be bold and spontaneous. A streak of both makes an interesting combination. Many people now appreciate brutal honesty and who doesn't love a change in routine? If you become a person who brings them this, they'll treasure you!

5. Remember the little things they say. Smallest acts of kindness and gestures can create a soft spot in someone's heart. Nobody notices the qualities that are unique in a person, we usually only see what we relate with. See their uniqueness and let them know that you do. The way you will see them, will make them feel a different, surreal connection with you.

But sometimes, you give your all and it doesn't work out. What turns out is that this friend zone is simply a mindset. There was no spark begin with, but only your own illusion. However, the attempt alone at it means you won't regret anything later. If you think you were rejected and staying friends is not easy for your predominant feelings, it's time to leave. You should respect their decision and they should respect your feelings. If you decide to leave, leave because leaving is only hard until you don't do it.

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