Can the zodiac sign tell if your relationship will last?

Zodiac sign tells a lot about our personality. It can even do predictions about our love life as well. So, Astrologer Jagannath Guruji talks if our relationship will last based on our zodiac signs.
Can the zodiac sign tell if your relationship will last?
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Astrology can gift us with insights that can help us make a relationship stronger. Your zodiac personality traits can tell a lot about you and give an overall idea of how you are as a person. On the basis of that, it can be predicted if your relationship will last or not. So, astrologer Jagannath Guruji tells you if your relationship will last based on your zodiac sign.


Aries people are full of energy and expect the same from their partner. They love surprises and make impromptu plans. They expect their partners to pamper them, and it can be tough to maintain in a long-term relationship if their demands are not met.


Taureans are very practical people and down to earth. They desire long-term relationships and look for a partner who can provide them with the stability they desire. They make for a great partner.


Geminis may find it hard to stick with their commitment. They tend to change pretty fast. As they can quickly analyse the two sides of a situation or person, their behaviour sometimes can change swiftly, making their partner feel uncomfortable and unsure of their expectations.


These people are compassionate as they can’t avoid any of their emotions. They are also conscientious when it comes to attaching their emotions with love partners, as they wish to avoid heartache at all costs. Similarly, once in relation, they will ensure they don’t hurt their partner in any way.


This fire sign tends to get angry quickly. They love to move with speed and like it when they are appreciated for their efforts. It can be hard to keep up to their expectations. Leos may find it hard to settle for one person.


Librans long for a long-term relationship. Ruled by Venus, they tend to fall in love quickly and have an innate understanding of keeping a relationship going. They, however, are not too diplomatic when it comes to managing ups and downs in a relation.


Virgos are typically work-oriented people and they do everything to emerge successfully. They may not give enough time to relationships, even if they are attracted to someone. As a partner, you need immense patience to deal with Virgo.


Scorpions are very kind-hearted. Once they give their commitment to someone, they will never blackout, even if it hurts them. They are also very mysterious. Meaning they can hide the pain from their partner. They look for emotional security in their partners.


The personality of Sagittarians is fixed. They don’t like to change for anything until they want to. They love their freedom and hate it when their responsibilities increase. It can be hard to know them and handle them.


Capricorns are lovable. They don’t rush into anything and are patient enough to let the matter unfold with time and grace. They are careful when selecting partners as they never wish to waste their time on something they don’t want.


Aquarians are introverted and don’t like it when they suddenly have to open up. They like to move slowly in relationships, and if it is not going how they planned, it can be a difficult situation.


Pisces natives have unexpected personalities. You can never predict what is going on in their minds and how to manage their expectations. You may be surprised with their bluntness or sudden detachment if upset.

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