Cancer Lovers Guide: All you need to know before this Valentines Day

Feel like the person you're hanging out with is too picky and can be standoffish? Well, they're not arrogant, they're just Cancerians!
Love & Relationships,valentines day,valentines day 2019,cancer lovers guideCancer Lovers Guide: All you need to know before this Valentines Day
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The fourth astrological sign in the zodiac, this star sign is ruled by the moon. One of the most challenging signs in the zodiac, Cancerians hate small talk, white lies and can often predict the flow of things - be it relationships, friendships, etc. Since they hate small talk, parties are not an appropriate place to hang out with them. Maybe inch towards hanging out in a small group, a tighter friends circle, and watch them blossom! 

Love for Cancer

When in love, Cancerians are usually passionate and sensual beings. It might take a while for them to trust their partners, but once they do, all their guards are down. They will allow you into their world and try to make you part of every aspect of their life. Love is a steep learning curve for this sign. They need strong partners who can be by their side during their turbulent ups and downs. They also take loyalty very very seriously and if their trust is broken, it is a deal breaker for them. 

(Katrina Kaif is a Cancerian)

Cancer Love Personality 

What they give, Cancerians expect to get in return. They are generous lovers and have no time for chasing others and nonsensical drama. For people belonging to this zodiac sign, once they know you are the one, they are sure. And knowing whether you are "the one" or not, can take just a matter of days for Cancerians. Relationships bring out the best in them. The Cancer loves to love and be loved in return. 

(Ranveer Singh is a Cancerian)

Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancerians are most compatible with Taurus, Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio. These signs are traditional and know how to care for and love Cancerians they way they want to be loved. They don't get along too well with signs that love spontaneity like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. 

(Priyanka Chopra is a Cancerian and Nick Jonas is a Virgo)

Do's while dating Cancer

Be loyal

Show them that they are number one for you


Be genuine

Don's while dating Cancer

Make excuses 

Lie no matter how small the lie may be

Shy away from communication

Hamper their creativity 

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