Capricorn Lovers Guide: All you need to know this Valentines Day

Ruled by Saturn, this star sign believes relationships are for the long haul. Their perspectives are not rose-tinted and they have a realistic view on everything in the relationship. Read on for more!
Love & Relationships,capricorn horoscope,capricorn valentines day,capricorn lovers guideCapricorn Lovers Guide: All you need to know this Valentines Day
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Capricorns are traditional and serious by nature. These practical and grounded beings are masters of self-control and have a way of making realistic plans and sticking to them. They are excellent at managing people. They learn well from experience but are quite stubborn when it comes to relationships. For Capricorns, accepting differences is difficult since they are stuck on hard to their own values. 

What is love for Capricorn

Expressive and very generous when it comes to love, Capricorns have a thing for finer things in life. They have the same approach to love, the way most people approach their jobs - with dedication. They strive for a fairytale romance that lasts a lifetime. They might seem flirty at first but their loyalty is not one that should be underestimated. They value long lasting relationships but can stray from time to time. The worst part about this sign though is that when they stray, they don't consider a meaningless hookup to be cheating. 




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Capricorn love personality

When it comes to love, Capricorns like to follow the same old norms of dating. The whole "men should pay on the first date", "the man should call first", and more are some of the specifications this sign religiously follows. They thrive on routine and get cranky when they don't get their "me time" and weekends at home. They absolutely adore spending time with their partners and if you want to woo them, breakfast in bed is the way to go! Capricorns have an amazing instinct and can be sure of who they want to be with, just within a few months of being with them!



When a Capricorn is in love

When in love, Capricorn's don't play around. Love is serious business to them. They are also very conscious of their status and public image - if you do anything to tarnish it, they will not hesitate in letting go of you. They place themselves in such a way that others can depend on them. Within just a little time of knowing them, they become the rock in most relationships. 


(Farhan Akhtar who is a Capricorn with his girlfriend Shibani) 

Capricorn love compatibility

Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Pisces make for the best match with Capricorns. 


Do's while dating a Capricorn

Be charming and classy.

Home cooked meals are a definite yes.

Allow them to take a backseat and plan everything in detail.

Communication is a key to their heart.

Don'ts while dating a Capricorn

Don't brush issues under the rug.

Make constant excuses and brush them off.

Constantly crib about your appearance.

Making them leave their comfort zone.

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