Common dating mistakes guys make and how to avoid them

Listed below are times when the boyfriends make some really stupid dating mistakes which can cost them even the relationship
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Relationships have become extremely tricky these days. It isn't love which is complicated, it is the people in it who complicate it. Everyone’s so occupied and busy in their own respective lives that love, affection and emotions have clearly taken a back seat. It is got this bad that even the ones who are in a relationship tend to make silly mistakes and one that can be quite damaging.


In today’s feature, we’ll specifically talk about boys and the silly mistakes they make when they are in a relationship. Guys have always had this tag attached to themselves which makes everyone believe that they hold back their emotions. While they can be madly in love, their actions speak otherwise (most of the times). They believe in holding on to the girl insanely and sometimes it can be a little too much.


Well, listed below are times when the boyfriends make some really stupid dating mistakes which can cost them even the relationship.


Improper communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, something that most of the men usually forget. Wonder why is it so difficult for them to open up or just speak out what they are feeling to their partners (someone who they are in love with)




While possessiveness is adorable, cute and also healthy. But as we all know that anything which crosses the excess mark is always harmful. Most guys usually tend to get a little too possessive. They start having crazy fights with their partner for no reason at all. Or just start hating the other guy their partner is on good terms with to no end.



Having “over-friendly conversations” with their girl-friends

Most of the guys do not know where to stop. In their wake of being a “gentleman”, they usually cross their line and get over-friendly with other girls. This not only makes their partner uncomfortable but also gives birth to insecurities and lack of trusts.




Not keeping their partner informed

This one is a common problem in the entire girlfriend community. Guys hate to be tied down. They hate to inform and this, unfortunately, creates a lot of trouble. They vanish without reasoning, they are unavailable on calls and the girlfriend is just left wondering where he is. In spite of spoonfeeding them with “already known fact” they still continue with their behaviour, creating unnecessary issues in their relationship.


Not giving their partner enough time

It is important for the guys to understand that they need to devote enough time to their partners so that their relationship can bloom. However, guys usually tend to take it for granted believing that they can live their life the way they want. But little do they know that this mindset is only the first step towards their relationship’s downfall.


It’s sad that when guys let such a beautiful relationship slip away because of their stupid silly mistakes.

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