Conversation tips that are sure to help bring you closer to your partner

In relationships, communication is key. If there is no communication, the relationship is bound to be doomed. If you communicate well, your relationship will definitely go places.

Updated on Feb 28, 2019 07:28 PM IST  |  1.5M
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Conversation tips that are sure to help bring you closer to your partner
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Relationships may seem like the easiest thing when not in them. But only those in relationships know the struggle. Sure, it is all fun and games in the initial stages. But over time, once the two of you finally get to know each other, the real problem arises. You have nothing to talk about anymore, your conversations run dry and you are bored. Communication is key in relationships and when communication stops, so does the relationship. 

When conversation runs dry, so does the relationship. To spark conversation again, here are some tips you can try out so you and your partner can reconnect again:

- Don't involve a third person


If you and your partner haven't conversed in a while and desperately need to, do not get a third person involved. Speak to your partner when nobody else is around and do not discuss personal matters in front of friends and family. There might be some insensitive remarks and speaking up in front of others might offend your partner, or vice versa. 

- Don't talk about old matters

If the both of you are here now, it is not advisable to fish out past topics. Things like "why did you reply to your ex two years ago" or "why did you go for dinner with that colleague I don't like couple of months ago," should hold no relevance. It will end up annoying them and rather than taking part in the conversation, they might want to leave. 

- Don't force them to talk 


Both you and your partner might be talkative and love talking. But there might be times when either of you are just too exhausted to talk or communicate. Times like this, don't force a conversation. Instead, understand where they are coming from - that they have had a hard day, rather than end up fighting about why there is no conversation. 

- Talk about your future together

One of the best ways to get closer, is to talk about the future the two of you are going to build together. The conversation is sure to bring in some positive emotions and spark joy. Both of you are bound to forget the problems you are dealing with, and be together, happily. 

- Sense the mood


If your partner is already in a bad mood, you are bound to know how to deal with them. You would know when and whether they'd want to talk about it. If they don't want to talk about it, let them be. Get them to talk when they are ready to - they will also appreciate the fact that you are being understanding. 

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