Could your partner be emotionally cheating on you? Emotional infidelity decoded

Sometimes we mistake a narcissist person for just one of those bad boys or bad girls. But there’s more to it than just that. It’s important to run for the hills if your partner is a narcissist; Read on
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Infidelity can be painful. Most relationships don’t survive cheating. It can be difficult to stay with a person who has cheated on you. Every time you look at them you are reminded of the betrayal and trust is hard to build back. But is cheating always physical? Sex and hooking up and kissing someone else are not the only ways a person can cheat. There is something known as emotional infidelity. Your partner can emotionally cheat on you with someone else. They may never have sex but they could but giving away their emotions to someone else and depending on someone else instead of you.

Emotional infidelity always starts with friendship. There is a very thin line between friendship and emotional infidelity. The boundaries are unclear and that may be a reason why your partner has always managed to get away with it. They may just be friends but eventually, it becomes much more than just friendship on an emotional level. Your partner may be investing his or her emotions in this “friend” instead of your relationship. This causes a void in your relationship and weakens your emotional connection. It hurts the emotional intimacy of your relationship. Some things in a relationship are very sacred. One cannot look outside a relationship for emotional support and companionship. That is your partner's job description. If you or your partner have been doing this, it is classified as emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity comes with a certain amount of sexual tension. Your partner may not have had sex with this “friend” but there is a certain attraction and sexual tension between them. This pushes your partner to suddenly withdraw from the relationship. They stop sharing and communicating. It becomes difficult for them to spend so many emotions on two people. Because they spend all their emotions on someone else it makes it difficult for them to put in any effort in your relationship. They constantly feel a sense of guilt when they think or talk about this friend but they always claim to be “just friends”. They focus too much on this friend and forget the importance of their own relationship and stop working on maintaining it. Remember that there is no coming back from emotional infidelity. If your partner is emotionally invested in someone else, there’s hardly a chance that things will change.

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