Date Tips: THESE things can make your first date romantic and memorable

Updated on Feb 21, 2020 02:14 PM IST  |  992.6K
Date Tips: THESE things can make your first date romantic and memorable
Date Tips: THESE things can make your first date romantic and memorable

Going on a date is one of the most exciting things ever. The wait to finally meet the person with whom you have been chatting for hours finally comes to an end. Right from choosing the right outfit to choosing the venue, we all make sure that our date goes just fine. However, apart from the excitement, we also have the fear about our date. And the fear is valid since sometimes the first meeting can decide the future of the relationship. 


At times, even after doing everything perfectly, why do some first dates lead to disappointment? Well, there are multiple answers to that question. However, instead of answering, that question here are a few tips that you can follow to have a perfect first date. Read below to find out what those tips are. 


Punctuality is the key:



No matter where your date is or how much time you'll take to reach the venue, make sure that you are on time. Never keep the other person waiting, since keeping your date wait is a perfect recipe for a disastrous start. Moreover, if you make the other person wait, it also means that you don't respect or value their time. 


Dress appropriately:



Make sure not to go over the top with your outfit. Dress according to the place where you are meeting, the time, etc. Also, wearing something flashy or something that makes you ill at ease might not be a good choice. Wear something which makes you comfortable and makes you look good at the same time. 


Compliment your date:



Don't be creepy, just pass a nice compliment when you meet your date. Be careful with your words, since if you compliment more, it might also make the other person a bit uncomfortable. So, be honest about what you want to say and avoid commenting on anything that's personal or might sound like flirting.


Be a good listener:



Don't act self-involved, when the other person is talking be a good listener and listen to what they have to say. Asking questions and sharing your views after listening to what your date said, will show that you are an attentive listener, which would impress the other person.


End on a good note:



Things might go wrong or against your expectations, but that does not mean you should end the date abruptly or leave the person after a few minutes citing some very silly reasons. Even if you didn't have a good time, always end the date on a good note so that the other person doesn't feel bad.