Dealing with heartbreak? THESE are the things that only your ex lover can teach you

Are you dealing with heartbreak and don't know how to make yourself feel better? Read below to find out why you should thank your ex-lover for teaching you these things post heartbreak.
Dealing with heartbreak? THESE are the things that only your ex lover can teach you
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When it comes to relationships, some lasts for centuries, while some don't work out after a while. Falling in love and being with someone who loves you the most is the most beautiful feeling, but sometimes love is not enough and for some reason, you don't end up together. But that doesn't mean that you don't deserve happiness or this is your last chance to fall in love. In fact, at times, some breakups happen for a reason. They make you more strong and wise. They also teach you a lot about life and make you believe that you deserve nothing but the best. 


You can either be on good terms with your ex or block memories that you'll have built together. Even if you part ways mutually, let's admit that a breakup will always hurt. But every breakup is an experience, and every breakup proves that you need something better. With this, read on to know the things that only an ex-lover can teach you.


You are much more than your relationship:


At some point, all you ever cared about was your relationship. You didn't care about yourself and did everything in power to keep your significant one happy. But once that ends, you realise that you have so much more to your life. You start appreciating yourself and realise that your job, your family, your friends and most importantly ‘you’ are what makes your life complete. 


You are important:


If you've chosen to live life on your terms, then. you don't have to be apologetic about it. Yes, you should work on yourself and make yourself better each day, but that doesn't mean that you were not good enough or you were at fault. And your ex, in the long run, will teach you this vital lesson. 


Your lover can't define you:


He may be the best thing in your life and something that you would want to cherish all your life, but he doesn't define you. Not him, no relationship, job, friend or boss can define who you are and what you do. Once you understand that, you’re invincible. 


No one can love you more than yourself:


Sometimes when things don't go the right way, you get up, smell some coffee, rise and shine. And sometimes no matter how much your friends and family love you, they can't do what you can do for yourself. It's true, you are your hero, best friend and well wisher. If you can't keep yourself happy, then no one else can. 


There are better things that lie in front of you:


Yes, you are going through a difficult time now but remember that great things await you as you move forward. Life is full of surprises and they will find you no matter what you’re going through today. 


Dear ex, thank you for being you and teaching me so much about myself and life. 

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