Discover turn ons & turn offs of every water sign from Cancer, Scorpio to Pisces

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Discover turn ons & turn offs of every water sign from Cancer, Scorpio to Pisces
Discover turn ons & turn offs of every water sign from Cancer, Scorpio to Pisces

One of the greatest gifts astrology gives us is the ability to have a deeper understanding of our own tendencies as well as that of our loved ones. Whether you seek to ignite a spark of passion, find empathy or simply uncover chemistry with people in your lives, star signs can help get you there. They can also offer you fascinating knowledge of one’s turn-ons and turn-offs. So if you’d like to know how to get your boo in the mood, or even know what tends to really annoy them, then read on. We bring you the greatest turn-ons and turn-offs of every water sign.


Cancer symbolised by the crab

Cancers may have a bad reputation for being extremely sensitive, but this water sign is ruled by the Moon and is therefore capable of expressing powerful emotions. The sensitive crab may take a while to crawl out of its shell. So, thoughtful romantic gestures are a great way to help make your Cancer partner comfortable. Cancers love meaningful hugs, hand-holding and cuddling. However, seeming distant or disconnected can quickly turn them off as they seek to develop a true bond with their partners.

cancer zodiac

Pisces symbolised by fish swimming in opposite directions

Widely known as empathic beings, the pisces love to connect with their partners on a deeper and more spiritual level. A lot of them tend to be artists and are hopeless romantics at heart. Hence, you may charm the poets of the zodiac by writing them love notes or even coining together a rhyme to serenade your bae. They are in it for the long haul and gel well with open-minded people. 


Hence, the one thing that turns them off is rigidness. If your love interest happens to be a Pisces, then you may want to come across as liberal and flexible when trying to woo your mate.

fishes pisces

Scorpio symbolised by the scorpion

One of the most intense signs in the zodiac, Scorpios are governed by Pluto. Hence, they are said to adore power play and can tend to dominate in the boudoir. Mysteries can be a turn on for this sign, as they intensely enjoy unraveling a new secret. So you may want to keep things interesting. Be it trying new things in bed or even planning a fun date night for your boo. Deceit and lies are a major turn off for Scorpios, so authenticity is key.

scorpio zodiac

Keep these tendencies in mind when you plan your next date to have a swell time with your boo!


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