Distance makes the heart grow fonder for these new age couples who love their space

Caught up in work and their individual chores, these couples meet only on weekends and still make their relationships work!

Updated on Nov 26, 2018 01:47 PM IST  |  2.1M
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It is a well-known fact that relationships take a while to grow. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse takes more than just time. But with people wanting more time to focus on their careers and themselves, there is very little or almost no time left to spend with partners. But now, for an increasing number of couples in India, weekends have become more exciting!

More young couples today are embracing the idea of spending quality time together only during the weekends, as they are caught up with household chores and their jobs during the week. But this new form of relationship does not change the dynamics within the institution, for them. 
This lifestyle is not entirely new but can be thought of as an upgraded version of a long-distance relationship. Couples that live in different cites or states only get to meet on rare occasions but are still committed to each other. They still spend anniversaries, birthdays and other important holidays together. Similarly, an increasing number of working urban couples are helping transform this dynamic.
This generation is known for smashing stereotypes and this new trend is an excellent example of it. And with technology on the tip of their fingers, keeping in touch and communicating keeps the foundation of the relationship strong. Physical presence is no longer deemed important as partners are just one call away. 
The space also allows both partners the freedom to spend their days the way they like it - whether it is picking up a book to read or bingeing on Netflix after a long day, or heading to a party to unwind. They find that there is no need to accompany their spouse to post-work activities that don't interest them and spend some time alone. 
As an added bonus to this is the excitement of meeting after a long gap of time. Surprises and romantic gestures become more frequent and squabbles about strewn footwear, unkempt beds, unwashed dishes, etc. are fewer since couples want to spend time with each other rather than spend that limited time fighting. 
Clearly, distance makes the heart grow fonder for these new age weekend couples. We are loving this new and much needed change in relationships that helps make them last longer and only hope this doesn't give rise to cases of "out of sight, out of mind"!
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3 years ago
but distance based relationships just fizzle out ask rk