Do arranged marriages actually work?

It is said that arranged marriages tend to be more successful and last long.
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Well, it is weird yet beautiful how two unknown people meet and fall in love with each other. Experts say that arranged marriages last long because they are carefully considered and a lot of thought goes behind it. In love marriages, sometimes the partners are blinded by love. However, it is not that arranged marriages work all the time. Some people do face complications. Therefore, arranged marriages can be good or bad. The more effort you put in making your decision, the better it is for you.

Madhuri Dixit and husband Dr. Shriram Nene ( Image Source: Instagram )

How do two people who do not know each other take a big life decision like this? How do you be sure if the person loves you as much as you do? Well, hundreds of questions come to your mind when you begin this important chapter of your life. The best thing to do is, when you are seeing people, make sure to take your time to know the person and then say a yes. Remember this is going to be your biggest decision so take your time and think.


  • No stressful breakups – You can easily escape from stressful breakups. No fear of rejections. If someone turns you down in an arranged marriage, there are less worries.

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  • Future – In arranged marriages, you can easily plan your future. You know that the other person is going to be with you.
  • Family Support – There is greater family support in arranged marriages. Your family supports you more in terms of both financial as well as emotional support.

Shahid Kapoor & Family ( Image Source : Instagram )

  • Conflicts – It is easier to solve conflicts. In arranged marriages, two families come together and everyone has an equal stake in the success of your marriage. Therefore, when conflicts arise, it is easier.
  • Better lifestyle compatibility – Arranged marriages usually help you adjust in a better way to your partner’s lifestyle – dressing, food, culture etc. Having a partner who has a similar lifestyle makes it easier for you.

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Neil Mukesh ( Image Source: Instagram)


The myth that all arranged marriages are forceful makes a wrong impression on people. There are lots of arranged marriages which are successful and tend to have stronger bonds than most love marriages.


The familial support thing in finance & conflict resolution is unhealthy. As good as it sound on paper you only need to have a look at the immaturity of desi kids that come from overbearing parents to understand that it is not normal. In Australia I see Aussie kids move out of home at 18 year olds and know how to manage themselves and their lives. Meanwhile I see desi kids whose parents still pay for their mobile data at 28. It you want to live a full and healthy life as an individual and in a relationship it's important to understand it cannot be with the shadow of your parents. Desi families are riddled with conflict because of unnatural closeness.

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