Do you have work friends? Here's why it is an important part of our lives

While most people may believe that you shouldn't form bonds at work, it may be just what you need to improve your well-being and accelerate growth.
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Having meaningful friendships is very important for all of us. We are social animals and we crave meaningful relationships. As a person, we all need some love and care and the feeling of belongingness. This is why we make friends and hold onto our friendships and other such important relationships. But family and friends aren't the only people and relationships we require for personal growth. Most of us spend the maximum amount of time at our workplace. We spend most of our waking hours at work and with our co-workers. This is why we generally form a sort of bond with our work friends and if you're a loner and prefer to socialize outside your workplace you need to know the importance of workplace friendships. They are very important for our personal and professional growth. Don't try to run away from your colleagues and allow your bonds to turn into a full-fledged friendship because it may have a major impact on your personal and professional life.

1. Having friends at work makes your workplace happy and cheery. It makes you happier and keeps you in a good mood. Having friends at work gives you something fun to look forward to and you can have a little fun while you work.

2. Work friends increase positivity in and around your work and workplace. You have someone to turn to and someone to talk to. Your work friend may be able to understand your problems much better than someone who doesn't share the same workplace. You can connect better and you have someone you can rant to.

3. You do not need to take out some special time to spend with them because you're always at work and with them. Having a friend around can make things much easier and socializing isn't a tiring task because you can simply grab drinks at the nearest bar post work.

4. Your work friend can be a great support system for you. They understand your work and everything around it. When you're having a tough time at work, they can help you through it and make things much easier for you.

5. Having a friend at work can increase your productivity and improve your mental health. It is great for your company and for your self to have friends at work.

6. In your moment of need, your work friend can help manage your workload or any problems at work. A little help from a work friend might help you grow in your profession. 

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