Does your partner want to marry you? THESE 4 signs can tell it all

Updated on Sep 18, 2020 05:28 AM IST  |  936K
Does your partner want to marry you? THESE 4 signs can tell it all

When people are in a relationship, they want to be sure about their future. If they want a serious commitment, then they have to be sure about it. People interested in a casual relationship can’t provide lifetime commitment.

But while dating, how do you know what’s going on with your partner? You need to understand if he wants to be serious with you and get married. Certain behavioural traits can tell you about that. Read below.

Signs that tell your partner wants to marry you:

1.If your partner talks about his or her parents and their successful marriage, then that person also appreciates married life.

2.When a person wants to get married, they talk about their future plans and wedding. It means he is thinking about all this.

3.He is interested to introduce you to his family. He doesn’t have any problem to do it at the initial stage of a relationship. But if you feel uncomfortable to do that, you can ask him for some time.

4.This one might be surprising for you, if your partner visits home furnishing stores often and likes to check out new home décor items, then it’s a positive sign. Either he is passionate about a home decoration or he dreams about setting home with you together.

The points mentioned above are good if you see them in your partner and it means he wants to get married or engaged. But if these things tend to go overboard, then he may pressurise you for marriage from the beginning of the relationship. This might disturb you. So, here’s how to handle your partner in such situations:

1.Ask about your partner’s future goals and talk about it together. This will help you both to determine each other’s expectations, thoughts and goals.

2.Be honest about what you want. Whatever your expectation is, say it out loud, so that your partner can know the truth.

3.Set boundaries between you and your partner. You both may have different expectations, so it’s better to talk about it and set some boundaries that will be healthy for the relation.

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