EXCLUSIVE: Here's how to take care of your pets in winters

Winters in India are different in each state. One needs to adapt to the temperatures they are subjected to and Utpal Khot is here to help your pets out during the process.
EXCLUSIVE: Here's how to take care of your pets in winters
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I have always insisted on adopting Indies as pets. The main reason is that they are local and hence can adapt to the Indian climate, food and water easily. Their maintenance is low and lifespan is higher than other breeds. Winters don’t bother them much and nor does summer or rains.

Having said that, I also know that many of us still insist on getting a breed in our house the moment we get a go-ahead from the family. I request all to do thorough research and study on each breed and how they react, adapt and survive in different climates in India. The winters are especially tough on the pets since a hound will find it easier in South Indian compared to North Indian climates. Likewise a Siberian husky will find it tougher in Mumbai compared to Shimla in winters. Let us look at the basic pet care we can focus on during winters.

Keep your pets Indoors

It is best to keep your pets indoors in winters as the pets are not as strong as strays and may fall sick. Avoid taking them out for walks except for their regular routine pee and potty walks (in case they are not bathroom trained).

Change food

Please focus on their food and give them more proteins as they tend to need more proteins in winters to keep their body warm. Serve shredded boiled boneless chicken, some Eggs regularly. Avoid curd rice.

Look around before starting your car

Make it a mandatory practice to bang the hood of your car a few times and make some noise before starting your car from the car park. Warm engines often attract strays as well as pets to snuggle up under your car. If you start without warning, you may end up injuring or killing one.

Give warm clothes to your pets

Give warm clothes to your pets. Ensure that their bed is warm and wrap them with a warm cloth while taking them out especially the hound types who are not used to cold climates in India. Also, make it a point to cuddle up with them often when outside the house to make them comfortable.


Take special care while grooming the pets. Ensure they have clean ears and nails. Their entangled fur (if any) should be brushed regularly and avoid giving them a bath unless and until you are in a position to dry them quickly. Give baths only during day time (11 am to 2 pm) so that they get ample time to dry up.

Medical conditions

Pets with medical conditions like arthritis/osteoarthritis/ hip dysplasia should take extreme care and heaters in the room is a must as the joints would give them a lot of pain during winters. These pets always need extra care and availability of Vet a phone call away.

Vet visit

Ensure that you do one visit to a vet in winters with your Pet to do a complete checkup. Your Family vet is the best person to guide you further on how to keep your pet safe during winters. Don’t neglect your Vets advice (if any) and follow strictly.

Your pets need loads of love so keep the love coming in. Shower them with your hugs and kisses often even if your pets are guard dogs. They need affection and care. All they ask is love from you. So give them plenty in winters and remember to put out some warm rugs/ old clothes in your parking lot where the Stray animals too could take shelter from winters. This good deed won’t cost you much but the blessings you will earn from your pets and strays by doing this will be plenty.

About the author: Utpal Khot, founder of an NGO, Being the Real Human Foundation. He has been a blogger for the last 10 years and a pet parent for the last 9 years.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Thanks for this very useful tricks.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Taking care of your pets is very important part of letting them know you love them.

Anonymous 1 month ago

This is indeed Very useful.

Anonymous 1 month ago

When possible do this comments till night as ur laptop on so.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Love ,care and affection is what pets needs.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Definitely winters are tough for pets they need extra care.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Very useful one.

Anonymous 1 month ago

I never miss to read your articles as I have a cute pet too and so it becomes very useful for me.