EXCLUSIVE: Raveena Tandon on how parenting has changed over the years, tips for new moms & more

Talking about motherhood and her journey as a young mom, Raveena Tandon busts the biggest myth about motherhood and shares tips for new moms to be!
EXCLUSIVE: Raveena Tandon on how parenting has changed over the years, tips for new moms & more
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When she adopted her children at just 21, Raveena Tandon garnered a lot of attention. The actress was told she was too young to be a parent. Not that that hindered her in any way! The actress revealed that adopting her two daughters, Pooja and Chaya, was the best decision of her life! The actress, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, talked about

What would you like to suggest to moms-to-be?
I would suggest being open. While parental restrictions and guidance are necessary, depriving them of their certain demands will only make them grow ignorant. For instance, today’s kids are born into a technologically sound world, so you just cannot derive them from getting them a particular gizmo. But as a parent, you have to make them understand the value of it, work for it and earn it rather than getting it from demands.


What was your biggest myth buster when it comes to motherhood?
It’s certainly not an easy task. It’s an everyday challenge for sure. But at the same time, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You can experience the best phase of your life when you are a mother.

How do you think parenting has changed over the years?
I feel parents have become much more open and friendlier with their kids now. I have discussed everything under the sun with my daughters Chaya and Pooja. We have partied together like friends. I even share my experiences with them to caution them with wrong life choices, so that they learn from my setbacks. I feel this is how a parent-child relationship is meant to be; open and friendly.

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