EXCLUSIVE: Tips to make your home ready for welcoming a new baby during the covid pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has transformed a whole lot of things including parenting especially for first-time parents. Bringing a newborn home from the hospital is another major concern during the times of Covid.

Updated on Jun 28, 2021 11:39 PM IST  |  517K
EXCLUSIVE: Tips to make your home ready for welcoming a new baby during the covid pandemic
EXCLUSIVE: Tips to make your home ready for welcoming a new baby during the covid pandemic
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It is completely understandable that many new parents are feeling more remote than ever during these uncertain and unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation. However, certain preparedness before bringing the baby home will provide the new parents with some relief from anxiety.  

Family members to get vaccinated without any hesitation

Ensure that the people from whom you are planning to take support don’t have any risks of COVID exposure. If possible, wear masks and sanitise your hands at regular intervals when you are in close proximity to the child. Any family and friends who’ll be in your inner circle should also consider getting their booster vaccine of Tdap and flu shot.


Attend your postpartum appointments diligently 

After the birth of the baby, it’s quite normal to feel guilty when you are stepping out of the home without the child. But, it’s essential to remain in touch with your obstetrical provider when the incidences of postpartum depression are on the rise. In the postpartum appointments, the doctor examines whether you’re healing well from delivery, guides you in lifting any restrictions as time progresses postpartum and discusses contraceptive options and family planning.

Sick people should stay away from baby 

If the house help or nanny isn’t feeling well, immediately ask them to go for leave. Ensure that they shouldn’t come in contact with any sick people in the house because their tender organs make them prone to many infections. Even the parents of the newborn should stay away from such people. The newborn should be kept in a well-ventilated room with sunlight coming through the window.


Do see friends and family virtually 

It is essential to stay connected in the unprecedented and isolated times of COVID. You have so many online mediums that enable you to stay in touch in the times of COVID. The audio and video chats with your near and dear ones will help you to ease out your stress and make you feel positive about the whole new situation of parenthood. You can also host a virtual game night, where you can share some fun new parenting stories.

Utilise this time to bond with the newborn 

This is the time of you and the child. Take this quiet time, to know your baby well and strengthen the bond. Count their fingers and toes, cuddle together on the couch and catch their first smiles and giggles. Besides the baby, you also get ample time to get close to your spouse and rekindle the romance which came to a halt during the pregnancy.


Subscribe to grocery delivery 

If you’re new parents, going out grocery shopping could be cumbersome because your child can get up from his/her nap at any point of the time. There are so many grocery store chains, restaurants and even pharmacies that provide free of cost home delivery and pick-up options. Being a new parent (whether the first, second or fourth time) is exhausting especially when you have COVID in the environment. Besides taking care of the baby’s nutritional needs, even parents need to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet. They should do some regular exercise to boost their immunity.

Emphasis on exclusive breastfeeds 

Breastfeeding is an elixir against any infectious diseases and it helps in strengthening the immune system by directly transferring antibodies from the mother. As with all confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, mothers with any symptoms who are breastfeeding or practising skin-to-skin contact should take precautions.

About the author: Dr Amit Gupta, Senior Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida

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