Father’s Day 2019: Gifting guide and ideas for sons

With Father’s Day creeping in, it is relatively easy for Daughter’s to pick out gifts for their father’s. For sons, it is another story. Here are all the things sons can gift their fathers next Sunday.
Love & Relationships,Fathers Day,fathers day 2019,fathers day giftsFather’s Day 2019: Gifting ideas for sons
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There’s nothing like making parents feel special. They have worked their entire lives and made innumerable sacrifices to bring each one of us up and giving back to them is something else all together! Though it is not possible at all times, there are a few days on which we can pamper our parents and do as much as we can to make them feel special.

Here are all the things every son can gift their father on June 16th to make their day even more special.

Day Spa

Nothing says “thank you” like a day of relaxation for the main man of the family. Gift your father a day at the spa so he can relax his nerves for all that they have been through.


There’s something about dads and expensive pens. Be it just carrying them in their pockets or signing documents with them, dads love their pens! All the sons can take the opportunity  to feed their obsession by gifting your dad an expensive pen set.


Just like their obsession with pens knows no bounds, all fathers have a love affair with watches. Get him one so he can add it to his already existing collection, or even better - help him start his own collection!


Contrary to popular belief, fathers are equally, if not more nurturing than mothers are. Help them develop a new hobby of gardening and let their nurturing spirit grow!


One of the simplest and best options you can give your father on this day, is a Holiday! Fly him off to his favourite dream destination and give him the best father’s day surprise he’s ever had!

Gift hamper

Ever caught your dad oogling at all the gift hampers your mother gets? Time to get him his own! Throw in some of his favourite things – his favourite scent, a miniature bottle of his favourite alcohol, his favourite soap or body wash, favoute shaving products and a few of his favourite chocolates ought to do the trick!

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