Father’s Day 2019: Here’s all that you can do with your dad to celebrate this special day

Make the day even more special by doing some fun activities with your dad that he loves, and increase your bonding!
Father’s Day 2019: Here’s all that you can do with your dad to celebrate this special dayFather’s Day 2019: Here’s all that you can do with your dad to celebrate this special day
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For every dad, there is nothing that matches spending time with their children. But as children grow up, they also grow apart. Recreate those days when you and your dad were inseparable, or maybe, create new days by celebrating Father’s Day with some fun activities that you know he loves. Here are all the fun things you can do with your dad to celebrate this day and celebrate him!

Play in the street like the “old days”

Remember those days when you used to play fun sports like gully cricket, badminton, basketball and football in the steets, before gaming consoles became the next big thing? Well, how about you reimagine those days now. Yes, your dad might be a little older and slower but getting some exercise together might do you both some good!

Go out to catch a game

There are local games held in stadiums almost every day. Experience that rush of adrenaline by going out together, cheering for your favourite team just like the good old days!

Explore your city

Go out for a day of adventure and re-explore your city! Take a trip to all those places you used to visit with you dad often – the museum, the stadium, your favourite street food place, the park and even maybe the small hill you hiked on! You will discover that many of these things has changed and get to know your city all over again with your best friend!

Attend a concert/gig

Nothing like bonding with your dad over music since he is the one who introduced you to it and maybe even built your taste in the art! Catch a live gig together and sing out loud with the band for a whole new experience with dad!

Participate in his favourite hobby

Everybody has a hobby and so does your dad. Maybe his hobby is a little eccentric – gardening, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, fixing and re-fixing all the broken things at home, experimenting with tools in his garage or even playing some music! On this one day, surprise dad by finally doing that one thing he loves!

Spend time with him

If you are cities apart and barely get to catch up, maybe plan a surprise visit and spend an entire day with him – talking drinking beer and more. He misses you more than you know and nothing means more to him than spending some quality time with his child!

Play his favourite game as a child

Everybody has heard those stories of when their fathers recollect their old childhood days and talk about the favourite games they played be it in an arcade or on the field. If you don’t know this, maybe even ask your grandma, and surprise your dad by doing this activity.

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