Father’s day gift that your dad ACTUALLY wants

Fathers have a reputation of not liking the things that the rest of the world would like. Here are some things your dad might ACTUALLY like.
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FYI if you have forgotten, Father’s day is right around the corner! So, if you have not prepared anything or even not thought about it, don't worry! we’ve got you covered. With around a week left for Father’s day, it becomes very difficult to find/do things that your dad actually loves. Just like his dad jokes, his choices have always been something that you’ve never understood (same brother, same). So each year the question remains constant - what is it that he will ACTUALLY like?


Here are a few things we’ve curated just for you that might serve as a perfect ‘Fathers Day Gift’:



We bet this is the only thing they will love and hence it backed the first position on our list. Go to a nice lunch date with your dad and bring loads of beers (Yes!!! Lots). Nothing will bring greater joy to your dad than a good conversation and alcohol.



All dads love to be in-charge and nothing calls for a good day out than camping. Driving to the woods and enjoying a good evening can prove to be priceless.



Understand what your dad loves. It could be anything from photography to as simple as cycling. Invest your time in doing that with him. Nothing will bring them more joy.



Try looking and being him for a day. That means all the ‘Dad Jokes’ are yours. It also includes dressing up like him -  shorts with high socks and chunky sneakers (yes! Go all the way!). Nothing like pranking your own dad!!



Take him shopping and get everything that he always loved. Your mom will not be able to say no because it is HIS day.



If you like it or not, watch sports with him (or play, it’s always better). It is the little things that count and doing something he actually loves will give him immense joy.


What are you planning to gift your dad? Let us know in the comments section below.

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