Fathers Day 2019: Everything you can do at home for this special day

Father’s Day this year falls on the 16th of June
Fathers Day 2019: Everything you can do at home for this special dayFathers Day 2019: Everything you can do at home for this special day
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To everyone who looks for a hero in celebrities, look closer home at the man who doesn't flinch whilst doing the mundane job only to turn your dreams into reality. Yes, we are talking about Fathers, who work relentlessly, day in and out, without complaints (maybe sometimes), the same flawed person who might pick on your mistakes but also come to tend your wounds. You are BUT a reflection of that hero and what better than Father's Day to honour and make him feel special.


With Father’s Day just at the end of this week we know that owing your busy schedule you’d barely have any time on your hands to arrange for something. Hence, don’t you worry coz we’ve got your back. Listed below are things that you can do at home for your daddy dearest.


Make it a party!



Yes, why not? It’s Father’s Day and your dad deserves all sorts of pampering. Call your close fam and relatives and celebrate the spirit of every father. Cook your father’s favourite dishes, open that bottle of champagne celebrate your dad!


Cook dinner for your dad



Remember the days when you have returned home tired and your father has been the one to serve you dinner. You can probably return the gesture by making him feel special showcasing your cutlery skills. Prepare him his favourite cuisine and garnish it with loads of love. That big smile on his face is a moment you would like to savour.


Make a video montage of his friends



Our dad’s have done so much for us over the years that the sacrifice has made them lose on their personal time. Many of his friends have changed course and cities, create a beautiful video montage and take him back to his days bringing in those golden times.


Spend time doing his favourite things



Do you remember the last time you spent time with your father, discussing his work, his favourite activities? Errr... too far, eh? Well, this Father's Day, spend time with him doing his favourite things and trust us, that will leave him happy and satiated.


Host a reunion with his closest friends



As we’ve mentioned earlier, our dads have spent way too much time working around the clock. This day is just another reason for you celebrate him and his friendships with his closest friends. Host a cute reunion party where all his friends come together and share memories from their younger days.


With so many ideas flowing in we are sure that you are going to do a fabulous job at it. Happy Father’s Day.

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