Father's Day 2019: You can go on THESE short trips to make your dad feel special

Celebrate the special day with your father by taking him on a surprise weekend getaway to one of these cool locations.
Love & Relationships,Fathers Day,dathers day 2019,fathers day specialFather's Day 2019: You can go on THESE short trips to make your dad feel special
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One of the most special occasions - the day to celebrate your father, is just around the corner. It is the celebration of fatherhood and most importantly, the bond that you celebrate with your dad as they are one of the most important people in your life. They have not only watched but help you grow into the person you are today and have nurtured you throughout your childhood. They can be tough but that is their way of showing you love and helping you become a better person. 

To celebrate this special day which falls on June 16, take a short trip to celebrate the occasion at one of these weekend destinations. 


One of the lesser explored destinations in the south this is an exciting place to explore if your dad is a nature lover. Located in the Nilgiris hills, you will have a blast with your father while exploring interesting places like the Dolphin's Nose and Lamb's Rock at the location while appreciating the flora, fauna and amazing monsoons. 


Known as the Blue Mountains, this place has always given off a mystic vibe. Take your dad here for a break from the noisy and traffic jammed city life by taking a trip in the cute toy train, horse rides and a boat rides between the peaceful landscape. 


If your father is a fan of the Dalai Lama there is no better destination to take him to. It will be a refreshing weekend getaway and a great bonding and learning experience for the both of you who will get the opportunity to learn about different cultures and coexisting with nature. 


Is your dad a fan of adventure sports? Give Goa a break and travel to this lesser known location to celebrate the day with him and be a part of rides like scuba diving, flyboarding and maybe spend an evening fishing by the calm sea!

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, take your dad here for the weekend if he is a Histroy buff or a fan of exploring things. The rock cut caves and carvings make for breathtaking pieces of architecture. 


Is your dad a fan of all things alcoholic? Head to Nasik and spend some quality time with pops while taking a look at the picturesque vineyards and sipping on quality wine. 


If your dad is a fan of wildlife and animals, there is no better place to surprise him with than the Sundarbans. You can spot a range of wild animals like tigers, crocodiles leopards and birds in the wild as well!


For those dads who love to travel, but don't get the time to, take him to the French colony of India.Brightly painted buildings, iconic architecture and delicious French food will await you at this holiday destination. 


Where are you taking your father on this special day? Comment below and let us know.  

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