Find out how each zodiac sign handles heartbreaks

People handle heartbreaks in their own different ways. Some may build a cocoon around them, whereas others get into a crazy destruction mode. Find out how each sign from the zodiac circle handles heartbreaks.
Love & Relationships,breakup,zodiac signs,heartbreakFind out how each zodiac sign handles heartbreaks
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Heartbreaks can be extremely vicious. It can feel like someone has punched you in the stomach, knocking all the wind out of you. The loss of a loved one can leave you shattered. You will feel dull and gloomy.




Pisceans are souls who will hide themselves away when they are going through a heartbreak. They push everybody away and lock themselves in. They also turn down their friends. Pisceans become a hermit who sleeps and eats. Most often, they lash out when their closed ones offer them some comfort. The water sign takes a very long time to cry themselves out before they are ready to face the world again.


Aries rage up when their heartbroken. They see the person who broke their heart as their worst enemy and unleash hell on them. Aries bash their ex to their friends, to the internet and to anyone who will listen. Then, they swear off the relationship. After all that bashing, Aries keep telling themselves that they are better off alone. Also, they will never want to admit how upset they are about getting rejected; so, they end up acting like they couldn’t care less. Aries hides their real feelings behind sarcasm and insults.


Taureans turn to become obsessive if they are left heartbroken. They start stalking their ex’s social media pages, text them many times in a row, call them multiple times trying to get answers out of them. Basically, Taureans just try anything they can to get some closure. They will even try to get back together. If they are having a hard time moving on and they are not hesitant to let them know it. The zodiac sign ruled by element earth will fall on their knees for their lost love because they are unable to see they deserve better.


Gemini always rebound. They immediately look for someone else who can fill the deep void. Geminians will dig up their exes and get in touch with them, hook up with strangers they aren’t even attracted to. They make out with the first person who thinks you are cute in order to make themselves feel better about the person who decided to toss them aside. These souls look for validation outside of themselves instead of searching within.


These creatures who are ruled by the element water will end up blaming themselves after a heartbreak because they are unable to see the other person’s flaws and mistakes. They take up all of the responsibility for chasing the one away and end up concluding that your are only one at fault. Cancer starts questioning themselves, assuming that they are not attractive enough, not rich enough, not fun enough and the list goes on. They convince themselves that there is something wrong with them and end up hating themselves for it.


Leo deletes the person from all social media platforms, contact list, photo gallery, etc. They completely flush out all the good memories they shared with the person without even a second thought. Even if they had the chance to become friends, they will not give a world’s care. Leo purges them from their universe!


Virgo dives head first into the career. They are always working extra hours and doing extra projects. When they are going through a heartbreak, they dive even more into work and keep themselves distracted as much as possible. They will keep themselves busy so that they don't have to think about losing someone you really cared about, someone they really connected with. Virgo turns their heartbreak into a reason to be productive, which could be a good thing, but they take it a little too far and exhaust themselves, burn themselves out, push themselves until they're seeing stars.


After a heartbreak, Librans will fall into a rut. They will turn into an absolute pessimist. They will keep telling themselves that ‘everything bad happens to me, I’m going to die alone, no one is ever going to love me.’ Until these souls pick themselves up, they will keep assuming the worst. Librans will feel like everybody is turning against them and see everything in a harsh light.


Scorpio goes to all extend to distract themselves from getting intoxicated to indulging in things they have never tried before. Either way, they will try their hardest to numb their heartache. They will do anything to take their mind off the excruciating pain.


Sagittarians will try changing themselves by getting a new haircut, piercing, tattoo to changing their entire outlook. They will make efforts to make the changes noticeable. But instead of working on changing the way they feel on the inside, Sagittarians change the way they feel on the outside because they feel like it’s a quicker fix.


They tend to carry the emotional baggage to the next relationship. They will hurt someone else in the same way their ex hurt them. Capricorns don’t do this intentionally. They just don’t set out to hurt anyone. But it's just how they deal with a broken heart.


Aquarians will drown themselves in all things romantic. From listening to love songs, reading romantic classics, etc. They will  torture themselves by watching smiling couples live out their happily ever after. Instead of accepting that heartache happens to everyone and embracing the single life, they trick themselves into believing there is something wrong with them for still being single at their age.


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