First date coming up? THESE are the questions that you should avoid asking on the first date

First date can make or break a relationship. Hence, here are a few questions that you should avoid asking your significant other at all cost. Avoid these questions if you are looking forward for something more than casual relationship.
First date coming up? THESE are the questions that you should avoid asking on the first date First date coming up? THESE are the questions that you should avoid asking on the first date
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The feeling of going on a date with someone for the first time after long hours of phone calls and texting is something that cannot be penned in words. The first date jitters, the anxiety and the anxiousness to meet the person for the first time is something that we all experience. Right from what to wear, where to meet and what to talk about, we plan everything. 


The first date is important because that decides what the person will mean to you in future. A lot depends on the first date since you finally get to meet in person and talk about things that you have spoken on the phone all this while. People usually discuss their likes dislikes and their favourite movies, colours, cafes, etc. on the first date, but some people tend to go a bit overboard and ask a question that they shouldn't be asking in the first place. If you are planning to go on a date soon, and want to see the person for a long term, then here are some questions that you should avoid asking on your first date. 


How much is your salary:


Refrain from asking this question at all cost, since you might be perceived as a gold digger. You will create an impression of being money-minded, which won't go down well with the other person. 


Marriage plans:


Don't forget the fact that this is your first date. Don't ask if the person you are on a date with would marry you, don't put them on the spot like that. 


Posting a picture on Instagram:


Posting pictures on Instagram is a sign of huge commitment. Hence, posting a picture of your first date is not a good idea because you don't know where this "love" will take you, and will you even be a couple or not. 


So what do you think about me:


This question is awkward for both guys and girls. The person wants to be truthful, but also if they are too truthful, they might hurt your feelings if they don't say the right thing. 


Who is going to pay the bill:


Asking this in the first place makes no sense since just by the body language, you should be able to tell who is going to pay for the food or whatever it is without having to be abrupt. Or better yet, split it!


Ex talk:


Since you have been chatting on the phone for a while, you surely will know something about the significant other's past, but don't bring that upon the date. Some people have had bad relationship experiences, and you wouldn't want to give them a bad time by asking about the past. 

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