FRIENDS: THESE hidden details from the show will make you go ROFL

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the famous show and fans cant keep calm
FRIENDS: THESE hidden details from the show will make you go ROFLFRIENDS: THESE hidden details from the show will make you go ROFL
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FRIENDS was not just another TV show. It was a representation of all our emotions and a tool of escapism from the real world into a space full of happiness and laughter. Imagine having six friends who you haven't even met, be your whole circle. Believe us or not but that’s reality for a lot of people. All of us welcomed the happy and nonchalant 6 in our lives who have managed to give us major life lessons all throughout. 


Rachel Green, Ross and Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay - six friends who gave us a memory of a lifetime and one liners for almost every situation. The show started off 25 years ago in September 1994 and has managed to become a living cult. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, became household names with their very first breakthrough and we all believe they truly deserved it. 


It is fair to say that everyone has seen all of FRIENDS seasons and that too repeatedly. However, on their 25th anniversary, we’ve got you some inside juice which we're sure you’ll would have definitely missed. Listed below are details which even the most ardents fans have missed, so have a look at them all. 


Monica introduces Rachel to Chandler in the first episode, whereas they had already met before




We all know how Rachel elopes from her wedding to Barry and comes to Monica for help. Monica being the good friend that she is calms her down and then introduces her to her gang. While it was a super fun scene, in a couple of episodes later on, “The one with the flashback”, we see that Rachel used to often chill with Monica, Ross and Chandler at the Geller’s Christmas dinners. Interesting, huh?


The entire cast has an additional name in one of the credits and it has a super sweet story to it



The show went on for almost 10 years with a lot of shifts and changes in all the cast members personal lives. When Monica aka Courtney Cox got married to David Arquette in real life, the showmakers decided to gift her with a sweet gesture. In the first episode of Season 6, everyone’s name was added with the surname “Arquette’. Isn’t this too cute? 


Courtney Cox’s real life baby bump was pretty evident



As we all know, Monica and Chandler could not have a baby and hence they opt for adoption. However, during the final season of the show, Monica aka Courtney is actually pregnant in real life. We can evidently see Courtney’s baby bump in one of the shots in the episode. 


The secret to the coffee couch always being unoccupied



We all are obsessed with FRIENDS coffee couch! But have you ever wondered why is it never occupied? Well, the answer to that is the “RESERVED” sign. Yes! If you notice, the couch always has a RESERVE tag kept on the table which means it only belongs to the ‘FRIENDS’ clan. 


Ross has two birthdays! 



Eeyes! We are not kidding. It seems like apart from a lot of things Ross was confused about his birthday too. Ross infact did not age for almost 3 seasons. In season 3,4 and 5 he keeps on mentioning that he is 29. Also, according to Mr. Geller, his birthday falls in December. However, a few years later, he claims that his birthday was on October 18th. Pretty cool, right? And confusing too! 


No amount of articles or words will ever do justice to the emotions and feelings that we have for this sit-com. Even after so many years, it still continues to be a living memory and a legit therapy. While it has its own share of flaws, but don’t you think that makes it all the more special? With the entire cast reminiscing the 25th year anniversary, it is evident that when they said, “I’ll be there for you,'' they meant it! 

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