Gemini, Taurus, Scorpio: Here’s why each Zodiac sign is IGNORING you

Here are the possible ways why he or she is ignoring you based on their Zodiac Sign
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Sometimes you never know why a person is ignoring you. Some zodiac signs get triggered by infidelity while others just get tired of the relationship and start ignoring. Ignorance is very difficult to deal with. So understanding the personality and acting upon it is better than getting tangled in the circle. So here are the possible ways of why a Zodiac sign is ignoring you.



If you become too clingy way too soon you will probably compel an Aries to ignore. Keep it simple and don’t rush. A slow pace is all we need and so does Aries.



If you are confused, you will make a Taurus ignore you like nothing else. Tauruses crave stability and they have no room for people who are lost.



Geminis love to go out and meet new people and f you are not on that frequency level, be ready to get ignored by them.



Cancerians are overly emotional and want partners who are ready to emotionally vulnerable. If you are overly guarded, Cancerians are likely to ignore you.



If you were too loud, charming or boisterous and dominant, Leos are likely to hate you instantly. These all traits belong to them and they don’t like people who give them a run for their money.



If you are not passionate about your career, you’re likely to get ignored by a Virgo.  Virgos are fascinated by people who have their lives in order.



If you are close minded or give off a negative vie, you’re likely to get ignored by Librarians. They like people who want to make most of their life.



Scorpios love attention and if you weren’t aggressive or forward enough, you’re likely to lose them. Scorpions like people who stroke their egos and will seem uninterested if you don’t.



They are crazily outgoing. So if you say no to their unique and weird ideas they might wander off on a solo adventure. They’re more attracted to people who like to take risks and try new things.



They love saving people who are broken. So showing your vulnerable side is what will attract them.



They are suckers for a good conversation. So if you do not come across as somebody who they can talk to, you’re likely to get ignored.



Pisces find it hard to connect with people and trust them. So if you do not send across a welcoming and trusting vibe, Pisces will not even let you come around them.


Which Zodiac sign ignores you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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